First Pakistani Astronaut wins scholarship for space exploration


Borderless Labs Inc. (BLINC) has granted Namira Salim, the First Pakistani Astronaut, a prestigious scholarship to advance her journey in space exploration by training as an orbital scientist astronaut.

“Through our collaboration with Borderless Labs Inc. (BLINC), Namira Salim embarks on an ambitious path, training at esteemed US institutions, including the International Institute of Astronautical Sciences (IIAS),” stated Mac Malkawi, Founder, CEO, and President of BLINC.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Namira Salim shared, “I will undergo intensive training as a scientist astronaut, preparing myself for forthcoming private orbital missions around Earth and beyond, as commercial space ventures make the final frontier accessible to all.” Salim will also receive training for Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA or spacewalks) and survival in Lunar and Martian gravity.

Namira Salim, renowned for being the First Pakistani Astronaut and a trailblazing astronaut with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic since October 6, 2023, holds numerous feats to her credit. She is the first Pakistani to reach both the North and South Poles, and the first Asian to tandem skydive from Mount Everest during the First Everest Skydive in 2008.

Beyond her space endeavors, Salim is a dedicated advocate for Space Diplomacy through her non-profit, Space Trust, and actively promotes STEM/STEAM Education for capacity building in developing nations.

“My forthcoming training endeavors aim to inspire space enthusiasts and foster future astronauts on private missions, particularly from Pakistan and South Asia,” stated Namira Salim.

Mac Malkawi emphasized Salim’s role as a beacon for the next generation of space leaders, asserting, “Namira Salim serves as a role model for aspiring astronauts, pushing the boundaries of human spaceflight not only in Pakistan but also in emerging spacefaring nations.”

He added, “Her steadfast dedication to human space exploration will pave the way for future Pakistani astronauts through the collaborative efforts of BLINC and Space Trust.”

BLINC, through its investments, media initiatives, and commitment to inclusion, is bridging gaps to bring Space and STEAM fields to untapped markets.

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