LAHORE: Dr Kalyan Singh Kalyan, a Sikh student of Punjab University, obtained his PhD degree in Punjabi from Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar in the convocation. He is the first Sikh after the creation of Pakistan who did his PhD in Punjabi.

Dr Kalyan Singh has done PhD on the life and teachings of Baba Guru Nanak. Talking to the media, Dr Kalyan Singh said that my PhD degree had proved the decision of my ancestors to live in Pakistan a wise decision. He said that he had done his PhD covering various aspects of his religion and his spiritual leader Baba Guru Nanak under the supervision of a Muslim teacher, Dr Naveed Shahzad, which proved that there was complete religious freedom in Pakistan.

He said that doing PhD on Sikh religion under the supervision of a Muslim teacher was a great example of interfaith and inter-religious harmony in Pakistan. He said that he obtained all his education from BA to PhD from Punjab University and he was thankful for this great alma mater.

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