Is Sociology a Good Degree? 5 Thing You Should Know

Is Sociology a Good Degree? 5 Thing You Should Know

Is Sociology a Good Degree

Is Sociology a Good Degree? 5 Thing You Should Know

Is Sociology a good degree? Sociology is a versatile field that offers a lot of diverse areas to study and research. At the same time, a degree in sociology can allow you to work at multiple organizations for different designations based upon your interests. In Pakistan, students do not think much before choosing this major. They usually think it is about the study of society and that’s it. From the definition, that is correct. But talking about the details, there is a lot more that you should know before planning a degree in sociology. 

You should have an interest in studying society and its intricacies deeply

The first thing that you should consider is your interest. Usually, students choose a degree but they have no idea whether they want to study it deeply or not. Most of the time, they select it because it sounds like an easy-going degree which they will get without a lot of effort. Making it clear, there is nothing like an easy-going degree that needs no effort. There are many students who find themselves stuck in the second last, third last, or the last semester because they have no idea about the projects, reports, and research they have to do. This happens with interest. If you have an interest in studying the intricacies of society, analyzing it, thinking about them critically, presenting new ideas to make society better for human beings, dissecting human interactions, and connecting with people, you are a good fit for this degree.  

This field is a branch of philosophy 

If you think sociology is something far away from subjects like philosophy, know that sociology is philosophy. It is a branch of philosophy and thus, you will have to study many subjects that are related to it. So, along with having an interest in human interactions and the societal influences on them, you need to have a taste in philosophy to be the right student for this degree. You will need to study such subjects, do presentations and assignments, participate in class discussions, and much more. So, don’t think it is going to be that easy.  

This is a research-intensive degree 

Yes, sociology is a research-intensive field. You will need to carry out extensive researches that may start from the third year. Also, you will study subjects like research methods and data analysis for that. For most of the students, this degree becomes dry at this point. Keep in mind that studying qualitative and quantitative research, data analysis, statistics, and researching on your own are important parts of this degree.  

What can you do with this degree in Pakistan? 

The next and one of the most important things to consider is what will you be able to do after doing a major in sociology in Pakistan. There is a dire need for qualified sociologists in the country. You can work for religious harmony, poverty, gender issues, increasing population, community development, and a plethora of things. Talking about the working opportunities, certain state departments and private organizations need sociologists in the departments like market research, human resources, research on the issues mentioned above, etc. 

Higher degrees that you can choose 

The next question is what higher degrees you will be able to do after a major in sociology. Well, there are a lot of opportunities for higher studies. You can specialize in any area like ethnicity and race, politics, criminology, culture, urban and clinical sociology, and many more. Studying abroad is a great option if you want to have a better career. 

So, are you ready to study family dynamics, analyze various societal factors that affect human behaviors and interactions, and philosophically understand the complexities of a society and how is it run? If you think you can do it with pleasure, go for this amazing degree. 

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