Five types of Procrastinators: What type are you?


Procrastination is the worst thing that keeps us from doing the important tasks of our lives. We end up missing the task or doing it at the eleventh hour which is not good. The stress of doing something at the last moment is enormous and none of us wants to take it. Still, the habit of procrastination makes us delay a task until we reach that point. Have you ever thought about the reason behind your procrastination? Well, not everyone has the same reason. If you want to beat your procrastination, you have to know what type of procrastinator you are. Here are a fiver types of procrastinators and the ways to deal with these behaviors. 

The perfectionists

The people who take care of every minute detail of a task are always concerned that they will miss something. So, they keep on procrastinating on the task. They doubt that they might not be able to do it in the perfect form so they tell themselves that they would start doing it tomorrow until the last day. Well, in the end, they are never able to do it with that perfection because they give it very little time. It is not about perfection; it is about the obsession with the idea of perfection. 

Take a start and focus on the need of the task: The first thing such procrastinators need to do is push themselves to take a start. Focus more on the requirement of the task instead of making it the perfect piece. You are able to do it in the best possible form. Don’t set the bar too high for yourself. 

The dreamers 

These are the procrastinators who like the idea of working for something great more than actually doing it. They make plans and have the capability of doing it. They are creative but not proactive. Whenever they think about doing the task, they dream about how can it be made more ideal. 

Set micro-goals and evaluate yourself each day: Set micro-goals and start working on them from the start of the day. Evaluate yourself at the end of the day and see if you achieved a certain goal set for the day or not. 

The scared ones

These people are scared of being judged by others. Somehow, we all are but they are obsessed with the idea that what will others think of them. They sound like perfectionists but are actually different. The former ones are obsessed with their own standards and the latter ones are concerned about other people. They panic when they think they can make mistakes and others will think they are losers so they procrastinate their task. 

Prioritize your tasks and start with the most difficult one: No matter how difficult or how easy a task is, every person can make mistakes. You also are like other human beings so don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Prioritize your tasks in such a way that do the most difficult things at the start of the day when you have maximum motivation and energy. 

Eleventh-hour workers 

These are the people whose procrastinating behaviors are reinforced by the previous experiences of procrastination. They think, because they were able to submit the previous assignment despite delaying it to the last hour, they can do it now too. They believe they can work best under pressure.   

Rethink your ideas and use productive techniques to work: Rethink about your ideas of working under pressure. You might have been able to complete your task on time but working under pressure is never a healthy way to do something. Such a task lacks important details and it is bad for health too. So, use productive techniques and start working on a task well before time.   

The busy ones 

This is the type of procrastinators who remain occupied with a lot of tasks and don’t know where the time goes. They are actually bad managers of time. Instead of working on the important tasks first or making a plan, they just keep working and then lament that they do not have time. 

Manage your tasks and time efficiently: devise a plan to utilize your time efficiently. Manage your tasks in such a way that the important task is given considerable time in a day. Not just that, make sure you give it the time when you are fresh and active.

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