Following the chaos, temporary Registrar QAU Raja Qaiser resigns
Temporary Registrar QAU resigns

Following the chaos, temporary Registrar QAU Raja Qaiser resigns

In the recent development of the Quaid i Azam University (QAU) Islamabad fiasco, the temporarily appointed Registrar QAU Prof Raja Qaiser Ahmed has resigned from the post.

Raja Qaiser Ahmad was appointed Registrar temporarily after the permanent Registrar went on vacation. It is worth mentioning here that Raja Qaiser Ahmad resigned a few weeks after the appointment of Dr Niaz Ahmad Akhtar (S.I.) as Vice-Chancellor QAU.

After resigning from the post, Prof Raja Qaiser left a note on his social media account which depicted the real issues, problems and story of issues of QAU.

On his Twitter, Prof Raja Qaiser wrote, “I have left the charge of the Registrar QAU but I have to painfully admit that over the years QAU has gradually downslided. I squarely accept the onus of responsibility. Being evident to the last two years I can safely say that ethnic councils have precipitated an indomitable influence. These councils are violent and inherit a false arrogance with despicable ethics, mediocre intellect, below the mark professionalism and superficial anarchic instinct. The reliance on heresy and tirade, disregard for gender sensitivity, patronizing superiority and toxic chauvinism have become prevalently ubiquitous, and all in the garb of a pigeonholed approach amassing shame and embarrassment for the university. Consequently, the enrolment has drastically reduced. This semester university had only 270 admissions because parents don’t feel it a secure place anymore. The repeated closures of the university, consumption of drugs and abject lawlessness have brought this institution to its feet.”

Talking about hostels, drugs and liberty, Raja Qaiser wrote, “The huts were the dens of drugs and hostels were the safe heavens of illegal dwellers. The real-time remedy was to have a clamp down on these two nuisances. The demolition of huts and evacuation of the hostels were indispensable. I regret that genuine students and researchers who had nothing to do with this mess had to face the inconvenience but circumstances necessitated that to avoid any further grisly happening. I have witnessed that the mismanagement of this university is often construed as the beauty of this university. There is a marked line of difference between liberty and lawlessness. I have been to 18 countries and never seen a single university where unauthorized access is possible or you can break the heads of the students of other community in the duress of liberty. This is outright criminal. The most agonizing part is the character assassination of teachers by the ruffians which reflect poor on their parenting and socialization. Students forget that they are not here to be the political leaders but to be cognizant career oriented individuals.”

Regarding his views about campus management he described, “The effective campus management is never called securitization in any part of the world. The top ranked university (which is ofcourse not beacuse of councils) can’t be left at the mercy of hooligans and hoodlums. I hope the campus reforms will be executed as decided and this university will regain its lost glory and grandeur. May God bless this otherwise a wonderful university. I am leaving it on a higher note and expect and pray that we may collectively revive QAU which was tolerant, pluralistic, and progressive.”

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