Foreign Graduates Stage Protest in Islamabad Against MDCAT Passing Percentage


ISLAMABAD, – A group of foreign graduates staged a protest on Tuesday outside the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) headquarters in Islamabad, expressing their dissatisfaction with the scheduled date for the medical and dental college admission test (MDCAT).

The protesters raised concerns about the unusually high passing percentage of 70%, asserting that no other country worldwide demands such a stringent criterion. They questioned the apparent discrepancy in treatment between foreign graduates and domestic candidates.

Parents of the protesting students also joined the demonstration, highlighting the financial burden they have undertaken to support their children’s aspirations. Many voiced frustration at the obstacles their children are facing in obtaining their medical and dental licenses after investing substantial savings.

During the protest, students openly challenged the decision-makers behind the elevated passing marks for the MDCAT. The hashtag #DelayMDCAT2023 gained significant traction on social media platforms following the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council’s announcement of the examination date.

The MDCAT holds exceptional significance as a mandatory test for students aspiring to pursue medical and dental education. Serving as a crucial gateway, the examination determines admission into prestigious public and private medical and dental colleges across the country. As tensions rise and concerns escalate, the future of MDCAT’s passing percentage remains a subject of fervent debate and discussion among stakeholders in the medical and education sectors.

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