With proven charges of serious nature, former UoM VC Dr. Gul Zaman appears in an interview for vice-chancellorship

Malakand University’s former Vice-Chancellor Dr. Gul Zaman against whom an inquiry report recently proved 16 charges of serious nature gets shortlisted for vacant VC posts at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s seven public-sector high-learning seats.

As per the provincial HED letter dated April 18, 2022, selection for vice-chancellors of state-run universities is scheduled for May 7 and 8, 2022. Ideally, the Academic Search Committee should not have called the former hot-headed UoM VC —who threatened peacefully protesting teachers to shoot them in the head—for the interview not least considering the proven charges as well as inquiries pending against him.

“It remains so unfortunate that a proven guilty person is shortlisted for the VC post,” lamented a faculty member at one of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s state-run high-learning seats who, quoting a saying, said justice is truth in action and if the search body wants to see truth and justice prevail, he added, they must consider Dr Gul Zaman’s threats to teachers besides charges proved against him ahead of giving him such a serious task.”

Recently, an inquiry report, a copy of which is available with this scribe, proved sixteen charges of serious nature including discrimination, favoritism, irregularities in appointments, contract award, NOC grant for study leave/postdoc, illegal transfers, creation of posts, allotment of houses amongst others.

On the other hand, March 3, 2021, witnessing the former VC UoM Gul Zaman threaten teachers to shoot them in the head remains under probe being conducted by another high-powered GIT.

Report of the high-level inquiry body constituted by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor shows that a large number of illegal appointments were made by Dr Gul Zaman including the illegal appointment of Prof Dr Shafiq Ur Rahman, Dr Alam Zeb and Dr Ikram Elahi amongst 50 other appointments.

The report shows that the appointment of Prof. Dr Shafiq Ur Rahman as head of the Appointment and Promotion Committee was made illegally by the ex-VC. “The cases of Dr Shafiq Ur Rehman and Dr Alam Zeb were conditionally approved by Syndicate subject validity of their research papers in Z category from HEC. The record reveals that no advice of the HEC in writing was secured nor it is available on record,” reads pages 13 to 15 of the inquiry report regarding illegal promotions and appointments made by the former UoM Vice-Chancellor.

Also, the inquiry committee proved the ex-VC— who illegally allotted a house in the Professor Colony to himself—guilty of making appointments of his uncle, relatives and friends besides charging him with illegally creating many posts.

Charges against the former VC regarding irregularities in leasing out varsity land, merit breach in construction of VC House and VC Office stood proved. The high-level inquiry committee investigated charges related to construction in the university and proved that the budget of the VC House was illegally revised besides finding serious irregularities committed in the construction of a road to the hilltop, and the purchase of disputed land.

The committee report also proved his experience in South Korea doubtful, stating: “From what has been stated above, counting his research experience during MS and PhD programs is justified in light of HEC criteria. However, the duration of MS and PhD and subsequent experience overlap as he completed MS on 22nd August 2006 and started PhD on 2nd March 2006 which makes the experience doubtful.”

The former VC was held guilty of sidelining senior and experienced faculty members which systematically resulted in vacant Pro-Vice-Chancellor post and dean(s) seats. “There are a number of Professors but no such proposal has ever been floated by the University for approval of the Chancellor. The allegation, therefore, stands proved to the extent of appointment of Deans and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor,” reads the report.

The inquiry report also recommends that a technical inquiry committee should be formed to probe further charges related to the construction of VC House, renovation of old houses and other construction work done during Gul Zaman’s tenure.

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