Work Of Four Young Artists Featured At GCU Lahore

Work Of Four Young Artists Featured At GCU Lahore

Four Young Artists Featured At GCU Lahore

The Government College University Lahore on Wednesday featured the work of four young artists in a group show at its Minhas Art Gallery.

GCU PIC 8The four young artists featured at GCU Lahore included Lala Rukh Khan, Mehwish Horia, Amna Waqas and Shamsa Kanwal. The exhibition was inaugurated Punjab University College of Art and Design Principal Prof Dr Shahida Manzoor, with as many as 23 pieces of artistic work put on display.GCU PIC 3

The paintings of calligraphic verses on green shawls by Lala Rukh Khan met with a loud round of applause at the exhibition that was attended by large number of students and art lovers. Lala Rukh said the particular style of calligraphy was strongly connected with the emotions of people. “The divine emotions and respect for shrines and Sufism is deeply rooted in our culture,” she explained.

Mehwish Horia’s paintings highlight the beauty of Old Lahore. However, she said that the culture inside these buildings had totally modernized. “From my paintings I want to show the double personality of people, modernized on the outside but still congested inside. The darkness in paintings is showing the darkness of the heart,” Horia said.GCU PIC 4

Amna Wayas said her artwork basically addressed social behaviors and issues with personal experience and using the objects of nature like sky, birds and leaves served as metaphors with the sense of empathy and evolution.

Shamsa Kanwal’s paintings depicted various corners of houses. “I make lots of painting which are corners of home. I don’t know why I am making these corners and sofas. One day I will find the reason of painting these corners which stuck in my mind,” she concluded.

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