Free online classes from Harvard to enhance your skills

Free online classes from Harvard to enhance your skills

Free online classes from Harvard to enhance your skills

While many people dream about studying at Harvard University, the hefty amount of tuition fees is what stops us from going to a prestigious university. But hey, we have got some great news as now anyone can take Harvard classes online for free. All you need is a good internet connection and a laptop and take free classes online from Harvard. You can take as many free courses as you want but there is a cost to upgrade for additional content or to receive a certificate from Harvard. In this article, we have listed some of the best free classes available at Harvard.

1. CS 50: Introduction to Computer Science

This is an introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and art of programming. This is an 11 weeklong course and is free of cost.

2. Cs50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

This course is available now and is 7 weeks long. In this course, students will learn all about artificial intelligence and how to use machine learning in Python.

3. Quantitative Methods for Biology

This course is all about an introduction to programming and data. The students will learn about data analysis in MATLAB with applications in medicine and biology. The course is available now, it is free of cost and the duration of the course is about 10 weeks.

4. CS50’s Understanding Technology

This course is available now and is almost 6 weeks long. This course helps those students who don’t know how to use technology or consider themselves a computer person. This course is an introduction to technology and how to use it.

5. Cs50’s Introduction to Programming with Scratch

These 3 weeklong courses give a thorough insight into the introduction in programming and teach everything about coding. It is available now.

6. Introduction to Digital Humanities

This course helps to develop skills in digital research and visualization techniques in all subjects and fields within the humanities. It is a 7 weeklong course.

7. Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market

This is quite an interesting course as it gives an insight into how the world’s leading entrepreneurs built up successful businesses by moving technology from the lab to the market. It is a 5 weeklong course.

8. Innovating in Health Care

In this course, you will learn how innovation in today’s health care can improve quality, access and cost, the six major factors that critically shape competitive strategies for innovative health care centers and how to craft own business plan for your next innovation venture. This course is 9 weeks long.

9. Justice

In these 12 weeklong courses, you will learn everything about the fundamentals of political philosophy, a deep understanding of criminal justice and social justice and what roles they play in today’s modern justice system.

10. Free Business Lessons from Harvard Business Online School

This is a 3-hour long course in which students will gain access to interactive, online business lessons taught by the industry experts and the leading faculty at Harvard. The course covers the vital business concepts which include investing in private equity, understanding customers’ needs and wants, pricing strategy, competitive risk and much more.

11. Micro Bachelors Program in University Chemistry

This course is 9 months long, in which students will learn everything about the foundations of chemistry. Students will be taught the central role of chemistry in addressing global issues such as climate change. Students will get to learn how to identify the core concepts of energy, energy transformations which would include electrochemistry, thermodynamics, acids, redox reactivity, etc.

12. Remote Work Revolution for Everyone

This is 3 weeklong course which teaches students all about how to select the right digital tools to increase productivity, developing strategies to improve communication, productivity, understanding the key elements of remote work and techniques that will make you an effective leader.

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