Fulbright Scholarship Applications Now Open For 2020 Session


Fulbright scholarship applications for the 2020 session are now open for Pakistani students, with the deadline for applying to one of the most rewarding study scholarships in the world set for May 15, 2019. 

The Fulbright scholarship programme is one of the many cultural exchange programmes in the US that aim at improving intercultural ties, intercultural competence and cultural diplomacy between the US and other countries through the exchange of people, skills and knowledge. Fulbright is one of the most prestigious and competitive scholarship programmes of the world that offers lucrative academic grants to students, teachers, research scholars, and professionals from all over the globe. This program covers tuition fees, airfare, living stipend, required textbooks and health insurance of the selected applicants.

The Fulbright scholarship applications can be accessed and submitted online by clicking this link .

The Fulbright scholarship programme is the most notable among the various student grants offered by the Fulbright and funds students and research scholars who intend to study in the United States for a Master’s or doctorate degree. These scholarships are administered by the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan who assists scholars in the visa and application process.

Candidates are selected on high academic achievement, research proposal, and statement of purpose, leadership potential and adaptability as well as flexibility in terms of interacting with the host community. Fulbright grants are offered to all academic disciplines including natural and physical sciences, applied sciences, mathematics, social sciences, fine arts, humanities just to name a few.

Fulbright scholars are recognized globally and have occupied key roles in industry, government and academia. Out of 325,000+ alumni, 84 have received the Pulitzer Prize, 59 have received a Nobel Prize, 37 have served as head of state or government and one has served as secretary general of the United Nations. Some of the most prominent Fulbright scholars include Bob Carr, Lenora Champagne, John Ashbery, Sylvia Plath, Theodore Roethke, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Dante R. Chialvo and Suzanne Klotz.

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The Fulbright scholarship is an excellent opportunity for talented and outstanding Pakistani students to embark on the journey of academic and professional excellence. This cultural exchange programme will not only expose them to the American community and culture but will also provide them with a life-changing opportunity to study at some of the most prestigious American institutions. Fulbright scholars can later serve the Pakistani community and can play a vital role in connecting the Pakistani community with the American culture and academia, removing apprehensions between people of both countries.

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