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Beaconhouse National University is an outstanding place to learn, socialize, and grow as a student. In an interactive educational environment with all the facilities provided, you get marvelous learning opportunities. From staff to labs, studios, and other workplaces, everything is made just to be student-friendly. Well, this comes at a cost. BNU is an expensive university that mostly a certain socioeconomic class of people can afford. The university that looks so stunning from the outside has an interesting social environment inside. Do you want to know more about it? Here are a few fun Fun facts about Beaconhouse National University.    

Bestival is more fun for people from outside than for BNU’s students

One of the most hyped festivals of BNU is Bestival. Students love to be a part of it. Not just the university’s own students but students from all the universities in Lahore and near it love to be a part of this event. This festival is so popular among other universities that their students remember it more than the BNU students. This may be because BNU has to offer a lot that for its students this festival is not a big deal. Whatever, the grass is always greener on the other side. 

People would drop leaves to reserve seats in the buses

If you go travel through bus, you have to go through a real battle of leaves before getting a seat. The students would literally place a leaf on their seats that says, ‘the seat is reserved.’ Never knew a leaf could mean such a big thing. Talking about a student’s personal experience, she once got a cap of a bottle on a seat that meant the seat is occupied. Interesting? Well, I would like to play this cap-leaf game.

There are no groups of friends; the entire class is a group

If you thought you will go to a university where you will make your own friends’ group, hang out with them, and it will be the best group in the class, you might not get this opportunity. This is because in most of the departments, the whole class is so interactive that they become a group as a whole. They are people from same kind of background with similar issues so they end up hanging out together. 

BNU is all about bourgeoisie problems

If you think BNU is an elite university with a little population from the middle class, you are right. It is about-my dad’s Land Cruiser got stolen so we are going to buy a new one today-problems. You do not find people from diverse backgrounds with issues that most of the Pakistani population faces. So, it is a bubble of bourgeoisie people. If you love to hang out with them, that’s excellent. But if you are a middle-class student, you might feel a little left out. 

Students have to fight to get their electives finalized 

It is amazing that students can take electives of their own choice. They can take the subjects they want from different departments. But wait, that does not come easy. You have to fight for it and go to the coordinator’s office like a million times before you finally get the subject.  

Administration will take ages to understand your point 

Administration of BNU is excellent only if they were not very slow. This is good because I think they take their time to process information and then to get back to you. It is just that before processing that information, they have to get their minds ready for a new issue. That can take the time you know.

Student affairs department is more about convincing you there is no issue than resolving it

In BNU when you are going to the student affairs department to get a solution to your problem, it is not the best decision. Because when you come out, you will be convinced there was no problem in the first place. Yes, according to students, they are trained to tell students that there exists nothing like student issues instead of solving them.

You have to book the whole day just to take classes

If you are a BNU student and have classes and some other tasks on the same day, it is better to take leave than to try to manage both. The university is so far away from the main city that it takes you an entire day to go to the campus, take classes, and then get back.

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