Eight fun facts about Lahore College for Women University


Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) has been serving for more than a century in higher education and has produced several qualified women in different fields. The institute has many departments and is still expanding. Well, life at LCWU is not very easy. Here are a few fun facts that show how it is to be a student of LC.

  1. The fancy hostel life of LC is the biggest lie

You will hear from many people that the hostels of Lahore College are the most comfortable and fancy. But the truth is, they are worse than any government institutes’ hostels. So, be ready to live in a place where you never want to eat their food if you are considering LC’s hostels.

  1. You might need to go to the dentist after eating the hostel’s bread

The breakfast of the Lahore College’s hostels is the only one of its kind. It is the most boring thing about LC because the bread they serve you is so hard you might need to see a dentist after some time. Well, be cautious and never eat it. The same is the case with other meals. You just wish you never had eaten it.

  1. You keep getting promoted but do not get the results of the previous semesters

The administration at LCWU is rather slow. After you are done with your exams, wait for a lifetime to get the results of the semester. The amazing thing is you keep getting promoted to the next semesters without having the results of many previous semesters. So, don’t think you will be evaluating yourself along with every passing exam, there’s a long time for it because teachers are not very serious about showing you your marks.

  1. At the hostel they will take the maintenance charges but all the maintenance is on you

Just like the administration of the university, the hostel administration never wants to facilitate you. They will take the charges for maintenance in the beginning and then make you pay for every little thing whether it is about fixing a light in the room or asking to install a new hanger.  

  1. They might not want to give you your funds back if they don’t want to

You get your library funds and registration funds back at the end of the session. However, LC is not very careful about it. You might never get the charges that students of other institutes take to party at the end of their degrees. Well, if you are lucky enough and the clerks don’t hate you, they might give you the funds but that’s a rare case.

  1. If the teacher has left, you might have to wait for the new teacher until the end of the semester

If the teacher has left the institute in the middle of the semester, never worry about the next teacher because they might not come until the end of the semester. Yes, it takes a long time for the next teacher to come and until then, you might not need them anymore.

  1. The hostel warden will interfere in your lives more than your mother

If you think you will be living an independent life away from your family and your parents will not be stopping you from going out or taking long calls, you are mistaken. The warden of the hostel is stricter than your mother and she will be asking more questions than your mom ever did. Wherever you go, you have to give complete details and answer every question.

  1. Get ready to see the lines of boys outside of the college

Girls’ college is like a mystery to boys maybe. That’s why they keep waiting outside of the colleges for hours. The same is the case with Lahore College for Women University. If you have called someone to pick you up, you will see many others waiting for you there.

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