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LUMS is considered one of the most expensive and prestigious institutes of Pakistan. Along with that, it has tough admission criteria that make it more difficult for students to secure admission. thus, it is on the wishlist of everyone. Apart from studies, there are a lot of things famous about this institute that not only its students but also students from other universities enjoy. Do you want to know about them? Here we have collected Fun facts about LUMS.  

Every Thursday is a theme day 

Theme days are mostly the last week of the degree in most universities. Wearing blue, a ‘dakoo’ costume, and school uniforms are the common ways of celebrating it. However, at LUMS, it is entirely different. Every Thursday is a theme day there and students wear such unique and you can say elite dresses or costumes to celebrate it.  

Being a student of LUMS is synonymous with being ‘burger’ wherever you go

If you are a student of LUMS, everywhere else you will be recognized as a ‘burger.’ Yes, your identity is more of a burger kid than that of a student of a prestigious institute. Well, that’s not entirely true. I mean not everyone is a burger. But you have to listen to it and accept it everywhere. Some enjoy it and some just get irritated by this tag. I think it is such a common culture now, you should try to accept it.

You are going to be lost at academic block

The academic block will so hardly test your spatial skills that you are going to fail particularly if you are new. It is in a round shape and every side has a gate. The four entrances are built exactly with the same structure. Don’t worry, once you come out of the block, you will realize you have come on the wrong side. Many students are unable to understand it even when they are not new. 

A random guy would come and talk to you; be respectful because he can be your VC

LUMS is perhaps the only university in Pakistan where the VC is such a cool person. While you are sitting at a khokha busy talking with your friends (maybe making fun of some teacher), a random guy would come and start talking to you about your experiences and stuff. Weird? Well, it is weirder when you realize later that he was your very own vice-chancellor. 

If you think LUMS has a foreign environment, you are right

Many people have this perception about LUMS. It is believed that it does not have the environment of typical institutes of Pakistan. That is so true. Walking through the campus, you will hear people speaking English, wearing western dresses, and everything that resembles a foreign culture. Sometimes, it is hard to hear someone chatting in Urdu.  

You can never go to the café without your earphones 

Make sure you take your earphones with you when you go to the café or the khokha at LUMS. If you forget them, be ready to treat your ears with the voice of a random jammer. Well, your ears are not going to like the treat. So, it is better to save them from the absurd jamming around you and plug in your earphones right when you hear it.

The semester is all about CP and deadlines

 No, you cannot celebrate and relax when your exams are over or when you have submitted an important assignment or a project. The pressure of class participation (CP) does not let you have even a single day without studying or preparing the lecture. Moreover, every day is a deadline at LUMS. It keeps you so over-occupied that you don’t realize when the semester ends. 

You have to join movie night only by luck, no one cares about inviting

Movie night at LUMS is such a great activity to have some leisure time when you are fed up with the daily routine. But only if you get to know about it by luck. Sometimes your friends will inform you about it five minutes before it starts and sometimes you will hear some random people talking about it. I mean there could at least be a notice or a message that they could circulate in groups. But no, LUMS has its own way.

Forget to have a quality sleep once you are at LUMS

If you are living at LUMS, forget to have a good sleep until your degree is completed. This is not about the workload. There is no time in the day or night when everyone is asleep there. You will find people playing on the grounds at 3 in the morning, having a music night that just doesn’t end, or having a fun time with friends any time of the day or night. There is nothing like a night there. However, if you can sleep in noise, maybe you could adjust to it. 

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