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Sociology is a study of societies and how humans act in groups. It is a cool yet amazing field as you learn knowledge about the world, our society, and our communities. All the knowledge which we learn in sociology helps us in understanding how society operates. In this article, we have listed some fun yet interesting facts about sociology. Here are 7 fun facts about Sociology that you might not know.

1. The word “sociology” was invented by French thinker Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyes in 1780. Early thinkers who wrote about sociology included Max Weber and Auguste Comte.

2. According to studies, 90% of sociology majors report being satisfied with their choice of major.

3. Sociologists analyze how individuals are shaped by groups they belong to, their families, societies, peer groups, cultures, and nations.

4. There was a dancing plague in Europe. This phenomenon spanned many centuries. It consisted of dancing mania.

5. Social experiments are done to observe people’s reaction to a breaking of a social norm. These are known as breaching experiments.

6. Before World War 2, baby girls wore blue while the baby boys wore pink. This was because pink was considered a strong color while blue was considered delicate.

7. Understanding people within a society can be useful in careers such as market research, retail management or journalism.

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