8 surprising fun facts about UMT

8 surprising fun facts about UMT


What do you know about UMT? A private university with a liberal environment, right? Some think it has elite students having fun on the campus. Well, the reality is not the same. Talking to a few students, we have come to know a lot more about the campus environment. Here are a few fun facts that you will love to read about UMT.

  1. It is called the University of Management and Technology but it has nothing like good management

UMT takes pride in being one of the best institutes in technology and management degrees. But talking about its own management, students are not very happy about it. Some students say if they make a list of what makes UMT a good institute, management will come nowhere in that list.

  1. The waiters in the cafeteria need their tips before you pay the bill

Not sure about the education and the environment but the waiters of the UMT are unique. They will expect you to tip them before you pay your bill. In fact, they will be least interested in your order, in serving you or taking the bill. All they want is you to tip them. The sooner you do this, the better.

  1. On your birthday, you will get wished by the whole cafeteria

Do you like getting noticed when you have your birthday? The cafeteria of UMT is the best place for you. And if you are least interested in getting the limelight, never go to that café with your friends. This is because the students don’t care. They all will be wishing you and you might need to run.

  1. The slogan of UMT is ‘UMT my first choice’ but the reality is pretty much the opposite

‘UMT my first choice’ is the slogan of the institute that students make fun of the most. They think you will very rarely find a student who has UMT as their first choice. Mostly, students think they would be getting to this university if they don’t get admission anywhere else. So, the reality is exactly the opposite of this slogan.

  1. There is nothing like a chill university environment like other private universities

Like other private universities, UMT is also famous for being a chill place where there is always a party environment. But it is not at all so. You have to maintain 80 percent attendance and if you have missed one extra class, you do not need to come to the next class because your subject is dropped and you will have to repeat it now. There is very little time for the party.

  1. You will receive emails about the dress code at least twice a month

A chill elite environment where there are no restrictions is what people think of UMT. But what will you say after finding out that there is a dress code for students and staff? They are supposed to be following that reasonable dress code and the management is pretty serious about it. They receive emails twice a month about the dress code.

  1. UMT is obsessed with foreign qualified teachers

Being obsessed with foreign qualified teachers is not necessarily a bad thing. But UMT prioritizes them over any more experienced teacher who is qualified from the country. Mostly, teachers are young and with less experience but you know what, they are foreign qualified.   

  1. You will find students playing all kinds of sports and activities in the small area it has

UMT has one ground and other open areas in front of the departments and buildings within the campus. It is not very vast. But students manage to do all kinds of activities there, particularly in the evening. You will find some of them playing cricket on the ground, others playing badminton at countless different few-inches locations, some chatting with friends, some having a jamming session on the same ground, and others playing ping pong at a distance. All of this happens within a small campus and you never find space to walk in the silence.

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