Lahore School of Economics (LSE) is a beautiful campus with a cool and calm yet very productive environment. Usually, it is considered an institute of elites which is to a great extent true. Here are a few fun facts about the campus life of LSE.

  1. Smoking is not allowed but what are the washrooms for

Smoking is prohibited on the campus but students always know where to find the place. So, the washrooms are used as a safe space for smoking. They are the heavens for smokers because who will come inside to stop them?

  1. The Cricket ground and the dating spot are the same things in LSE

The cricket ground is used for playing cricket in one shift and as a dating spot in the other shift. Every university or college has some typical areas for dating couples. Well, the LSE has smartly provided a place within the cricket ground. Sounds like they really care for the economy.

  1. Cars with loud music are banned on campus

Everyone would think that campus life is about fun and partying. But you can get an idea from the fact that you cannot even take the cars within the campus and if they have loud music, there is no chance you can get in.

  1. Every room in LSE has two adjacent doors opening in opposite directions

The doors of the LSE are strange. Every room has two doors fixed parallel and adjacent to each other. Your left hand pulls a door and the right hand pushes the other door right after that.

  1. Guys have to wear a collared shirt and the girls can wear anything

 At least something in the world is happening in girls’ favor. In LSE, there is no dress code for girls but the boys can only wear collared shirts. Not supporting boys’ dress code here, but isn’t it the only place at least in Pakistan that does not have dress restrictions on girls but boys.

  1. The security is strict but not after 3 pm

Getting into LSE is not easy as there are strict security regulations. But if you want to get in even if you are not a student of LSE, you can get into it after 3 pm.

  1. The milk used in cafes for the live ice cream comes from Dr Shahid’s farms

Dr. Shahid is a professor who has farms on the backside of the campus. Since you have a facility at home, why look at some other place? So, the live ice cream that is famous in LSE is made from milk coming from Dr. Shahid’s farms.

  1. If you think it is a party place, talk to some LSE-ites

For those who think LSE is a party place, you are mistaken. People usually say, if you really want to study, go to LUMS. But you can only know about it once you talk to a student. The burden of assignments and presentations doesn’t let you breathe,

  1. There is a culture of not preparing presentations beforehand

No one in the classes has the habit of preparing the presentations beforehand. With time you realize that only one student in the group prepares the slides and the rest of the group is on a free ride.

  1. There is nothing like stairs in LSE

LSE’s structure is not like other campuses. It is all about ground-level buildings and no upper floors. So, there is nothing like long stairs on the campus. The campus is very beautiful and different from others. You will see peacocks here and there around the auditorium. In short, it has both a peaceful and fun environment.

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