Fuuast selection board comes under question for irregularities observed

Fuuast selection board comes under question for irregularities observed

The acting administration of the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (Fuuast) while ignoring basic rules of transparency in the examination for the selection boards 2013 and 2017 has issued results of the internally-arranged tests.

According to the candidates, the examiners didn’t provide them carbon copy and a number of out of subject questions were asked in the papers. The most interesting point was that those who worked with acting management to prepare exam papers were also attempting papers.

On Sunday, the varsity held tests for English other subjects. But a majority of the candidates instead of solving the papers lodged complaints against the varsity administration. The complainants were of the view that questions were out of the subjects. They also protested over the participation of the staffers in the assessment procedure.

In each paper, around 100 MCQs were given with an exam duration of 90 minutes. The candidates were of the view that they should be given at least 100 minutes. They also said that examiners didn’t provide them any carbon copy of the papers so that they could match their actual results with those obtained copies.

Also, the results of the science subjects have not been released by the varsity which is constantly raising concerns and raising questions about transparency. The aspirants told that Fuuast management had made a mockery of the assessment. Even some questions were copied from the Oxford University Press website and didn’t bother to rewrite those questions.

In the English paper, from 50 to 60 MCQs questions were about history. But those questions were not serious questions. The examiners had asked questions such as when the Titanic sank, when the wife of the president of a certain country died, what is the depth and width of the Suez Canal. When Ireland and England joined and when they separated. The exams were 70 percent questions related to general knowledge while there were 10 questions in English Literature and one question in Linguistics.

One of the varsity employees Amir Ahmad Farooqi who was on academic leave postponed his leaves and took responsibilities as Assistant Registrar Academic. After which Farooqi was given the responsibility to look after the exam preparations for the selection board 2013-2017. Surprisingly, Farooqi while monitoring all the secret work of the 2013-2017 selection board appeared in the exam as a candidate on June 12. “It’s a question mark on the transparency of the selection board,” said a candidate named Atta Muhammad.

He said that Farooqi’s close friend and personal assistant to the Vice Chancellor Sharjeel Naveed and Talal Khan also attempted the same exams. Despite they were also a part of the meeting and they were dealing with top secret documentations and exam papers.

According to various candidates, all these illegal activities have been supported by the Fuuast Acting Registrar Dr. Muhammad Sarem. He is also a candidate for Professor in the 2017 selection board and is also performing duties as secretary of the selection boards. “Acting registrar is a candidate of selection board 2017 and he himself is the secretary of the selection. This is a clear example of conflict of interest,” said Raza Jaffri.

He said that an employee of the Fuuast has filed a petition with the administration alleging that acting registrar Dr Muhammad Sarem’s office was harassing a former employee of the selection board for not altering the records of the selection board. Instead of investigating, the acting management suppressed the matter.

Likewise, Dean Faculty of Arts Dr. Zia-ud-Din has also expressed concerns over irregularities in the selection board and the appearance of the staffers in the exams for the selection boards. Also, the members of the Senate had in a letter written have expressed their concerns over irregularities and transparency in the exams.

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