GCU approves grant for employees infected with COVID

GCU approves grant for employees infected with COVID


LAHORE: The Board of Management of GCU Benevolent Fund Employees unanimously approved the amount of Rs 50,000 for each employee who is tested positive of COVID-19 infection.

The grant of Rs 25,000 will be given from the Benevolent Fund and the remaining amount will be given from other University funds. The amount from the University funds will be readjusted later from the employees’ salary. A meeting of GCU’s statutory body was held on Friday and was chaired by Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi, GCU VC, and attended by the representatives of academic and administrative staff and the GCU’s Academic Staff Association.

The Board of Management also approved Rs 150,000 for religious pilgrimage (Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarat). All permanent employees will be eligible for the COVID and pilgrimage grants. Prof Zaidi said: “These are difficult times for the GCU community. I know teachers and administrative staff that is tested positive, but they continue to serve without any complaint. Many have lost their dear ones. These employees are our heroes. There is no point in keeping the amount in Banks for profits when our community is suffering. We are also giving salaries to the families of our deceased employees who died during service.

The families will continue to receive salaries till the retirement date of the deceased employee.” The Board also approved marriage grants for employees’ daughters and gave Rs 80,000 to each applicant. For Educational Scholarships for the employees’ children studying at intermediate level and above, the Board approved all cases. The amount of Rs 28,000 was fixed for each applicant for FA and BA scholarships. Rs 32,000 were given to each applicant for postgraduate scholarships.

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