GCU decides to reform 22-year old grading system

GCU decides to reform 22-year old grading system


LAHORE: The Government College University (GCU) Lahore is going to replace a 22-year old relative grading system with a rubric-based absolute marking system.

Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi, GCU VC, chaired the first meeting of the Committee to review the current relative marking system. The meeting was attended by the deans and faculty members. As the main stakeholder, students from each faculty were invited to share their views about the grading. The students highlighted that relative grading involves bringing together grading of multiple sections. Since teachers’ evaluation methods vary, good students in some sections end up with less GPA. It affects their applications for scholarships and higher studies.

Prof Zaidi said: “We had to review this 22-year old grading policy, especially because it puts GCU students at a disadvantage in external competitions. Modern Universities cannot afford to stick with decades-old practices. We must replicate best academic practices at other top institutions to keep ourselves relevant to the changing world”.

Prof Zaidi further clarified: “By adopting the absolute marking system, we do not mean to give high grades to students. Marks must reflect students’ skillset and knowledge. That is why we have already introduced a policy of rubrics in the University’s departments. Rubrics will make marking fairer. Our teachers will design a rubric for each evaluation component of their course. Rubrics will be shared with the students when a semester begins. It is the right of students to know what makes a good answer. Chairpersons will ensure that the teachers evaluate scripts according to the given rubrics”.

The Controller of Examinations informed, “In the first phase, students in each section will be graded relatively. In the second phase from Fall 2021 onwards, the University will follow a policy of absolute grading system based on rubrics”.



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