GCU holds an exhibition of Sadequain’s Paintings


Distinguished painter and art historian, Dr Ajaz Anwar, has inaugurated the Art Gallery at the GCU’s Department of History of Art with an Exhibition of Sadequain’s paintings.

The opening ceremony was addressed by Sadequain’s nephew Sultan Ahmad, who donated the prints of paintings for the permanent collection of the Gallery.

Sultan Ahmad highlighted that Sadequain belonged to a group of artists who believed in the art for life. His art reflected the problems of a common man. He strongly believed in a continuous struggle. Sadequain’s paintings showed the complexity of stagnation and struggle in human behaviour.

Dr Ajaz Anwar, former Director of NCA Art Gallery, maintained that the abundance of Sadequain’s paintings in the art galleries and media shows that the master artist “continues to paint posthumously”. He was a versatile artist–a painter, a poet, and a calligrapher. He will continue to inspire the coming generation of artists.

Dr Hussain Ahmad Khan, the Director of the Institute of History, mentioned that “During the exhibition, we see how Sadequain’s paintings overpowered humans’ emotions. His distinguished style of calligraphy and the use of colours has a personality that strongly influences its viewers. His artworks enable us to accept multiple perspectives which is important to promote in a society which is struggling with extremism.”

Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi, the Vice Chancellor of GCU, in his message, said that it was an honour for us to exhibit the paintings of a legendary artist for the inauguration of the gallery. His paintings give us a message of hope, struggle and mysticism. He informed that the Department of History of Art is the first of its kind in Pakistan. “We have recently hired new faculty members who have PhDs in Art History from Edinburgh and SOAS with a vast experience of teaching abroad. We have also a curator and scholar who has established many museums in Pakistan recently. We are collaborating with leading art institutions for strengthening and internationalizing our Art History programmes.” He also said that the Department of History of Art at the Institute of History would organize an international conference on Sadequain’s artworks soon.

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