GCU holds seminar on digital media

GCU holds seminar on digital media

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A seminar on the future of digital media was held here at the Government College University Lahore on Thursday under the auspices of its Business Incubation Center.

Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Hassan Khawar chaired the seminar which was also addressed by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi, eminent journalist Aftab Iqbal and Ms. Marium Chaudhry, the founder of social media website, The Current.

In his address, Hassan Khawar said social media has empowered people and practically made governments answerable to them. He also accepted that social media trends affect the polices of the government, and asked people especially youth to make a positive use of these platforms to leave a better impact on government’s decision-making.

Mr. Khawar also shared some memories of his college life, saying that he has come to his alma mater Government College Lahore almost after 30 years.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Zaidi said GCU has been very effectively using digital media for communication and feedback from its student. “I myself use twitter on daily basis to keep my students updated about the university’s polices and decisions and have their feedback,” he said.

Marium Chaudhry shared her experience of establishing a digital platform in Pakistan, saying the process to run a digital platform and make it successful is far more challenging than running a television channel or newspaper.

Senior anchorperson Aftab Iqbal said the future of digital media is very bright in the world, but I’m not sure about Pakistan because we always miss golden opportunities. He laid stress on positive use of social media, saying that it takes few minutes to create a channel on digital media but always remember that it’s great responsibility because your single word can destroy a life of a person. He also asked to focus on quality of their content.

Mr. Iqbal also shared some memories of his college life and pledged to support the talented students of his alma mater i.e. GCU. He also promised to host a program to celebrate 100 years of existence of the New Hostel.

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