The Government College University Lahore has made at least one month training compulsory for the newly-inducted faculty for intermediate classes.

Under the University’s new induction policy, faculty would be hired one month prior to the beginning of classes, so that they could pass through the compulsory training programme which would not be limited to andragogy and communication skills and developing understanding about university procedures, course requirements, examination rules and lecture planning.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Asghar Zaidi said the new faculty members would also be briefed about emotional intelligence, work ethics, best ways of interacting with students, ideal classroom environment and other related techniques. “The training will give the teachers the best possible start to their role,” he added.

Prof Zaidi also talked about the empowerment of the University’s Directorate of Intermediate Studies (DIS), saying that FA/FSc/ICom and graduate studies are altogether different.

“So from now onwards, the DIS would manage the hiring of faculty independently which would help to recruit teachers most suitable for intermediate classes,” the Vice-Chancellor said.

However, Prof. Zaidi, said that relevant subject experts from the University’s academic departments would assist the DIS in the selection process. Previously, GCU academic departmental heads used to make a selection for intermediate students.

The University has also made the DIS responsible for monitoring and evaluating of teachers’ performance during the academic year.

“The Intermediate Studies will function independently of the University’s academic departments. This division of responsibilities will improve the efficiency of the Directorate of Intermediate Studies”, Prof. Zaidi said.

The Vice Chancellor said they are adopting the best practices of world’s leading academic institutions with serious consideration to the induction process, monitoring, and students’ feedback.

He hoped that the new induction process would attract the best talent, integrate new teachers into the University’s culture and significantly improve the learning outcomes.

“During the training, we will inform the teachers about the University’s expectations from them,” Prof. Zaidi concluded.

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