The Government College University Lahore has made a substantive increase in the research incentives for its faculty, and also linked these lucrative incentives to the impact factor of the research. The University also recommended opening its laboratories/testing facilities for industry, private firms and individuals to generate funds and linkages to the industry.

These crucial decisions were taken at the 51st meeting of the University’s Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB), which continued for four days on the University’s main campus. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Asghar Zaidi chaired the meeting attended by the senior faculty, Deans, Director Research Dr. Faiza Sharif and Registrar Dr Shaukat Ali.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Zaidi told the media that maximum research incentives were increased from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 60,000/- to motivate their faculty and staff for their top quality research. However, he said that incentives are reduced to none in faculty of sciences if the research is not linked to impact factor.

“The greater the impact factor of a research paper, the higher will be the incentives,” the Vice-Chancellor said.

He said GCU had also allowed its faculty and staff to individually undertake consultancy projects for which they will need to pay 20 percent share to the University. “Similarly, we also devised a complete financial framework to extend testing facilities/ services to industry in Pakistan,” he said.

The Vice-Chancellor said that the recommendations of GCU-ASRB would be placed before the Syndicate in the upcoming meeting in May for the final approval.

The ASRB meeting also approved 46 of 50 titles and synopses of theses for PhD research studies. These research proposals included research on “women harassment at workplaces in Lahore since 2002” and “Green synthesis of nano-bioinsecticides and evaluation of their insecticidal activity”.

The meeting also appointed supervisors and panels of examiners for evaluation of Theses for PhD.

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