GCU Students Protest Against Hazardous Drinking Water

GCU Students Protest Against Hazardous Drinking Water


A number of students studying at the Government College University (GCU) held a protest against the administration on lack of clean drinking water in the university campus.

According to protesters, the drinking water available at the varsity was contaminated and students were contracting several diseases due to the negligence of authorities. They demanded the administration to provide clean drinking water at the premises, to avoid any mishap.

A student, studying in GCU, while talking to the Academiamag said a large number of students have gathered to protest against the administration for their failure in providing clean drinking water to students. He said water provision at the campus was of poor quality and the bottled water available in the canteen was quite expensive.

IMG 20190329 WA0082The administration took notice of the protest and called a meeting of protesting students with a high-ranking official. A student present in the meeting told the Academiamag that the official briefed them about the actual problem. He said groundwater available at the campus was of substandard quality and the varsity lacked funds to install new water filtration plants. However, the official agreed to work along with the students to find a solution to the problem. The official also ensured the protesting students that cheap bottled water would be made available in the cafeteria.

The protest was called-off after the meeting,

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