GCU to Host Three International Conferences in November

GCU to Host Three International Conferences in November

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Already known for being one of the top educational institutions in Pakistan, the historic Government College University (GCU) Lahore is taking various initiatives to become one of the top bastions of intellectual discourse on various issues. In this regard, GCU will be organising three international conferences over the course of November 2017 to hold deliberations on several key problems of the present age.

The GCU administration maintains that the international conferences will be attended by over 31 noted scholars and scientists from around the world, besides hundreds of academicians, scientists, scholars and experts from the academia in Pakistan.

One of the three conferences will begin on November 14 and is being managed by the university’s political science department. In collaboration with the Higher Education Commission, the department’s Center of Excellence for China Studies has invited noted scholars, policy experts and social scientists to address the conference’s main topic: Migration and Displacement. Experts on the subject from Belgium, China, India, Nepal and Tajikistan are scheduled to share their work and thoughts on migration and its consequences during the three day conference.

Besides, as many as 47 research papers on affiliated themes are expected to be presented during technical sessions of the conference. These include “Conflict, Terrorism/Counter Terrorism and Displacement”, “Challenges of multi-culturalism”, ‘‘New challenges of refugees management and refugees settlement”, “Migration for economic development: pull factor and push factors”, “Diaspora and global citizenship: role of diaspora in host state and home state” and “Intra and Inter-State conflicts as catalyst of displacement”.

Simultaneously, the International Conference on Mathematics and its Application (ICMA) will see leading mathematicians and subject experts from South Africa, Italy, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Turkey and UAE converge on a single platform to discuss the developments and possibilities in the field. GCU says ICMA will begin on November 13 and will have special support from Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC ).

Lastly, GCU has joined hands with Trust for History, Art and Architecture of Pakistan (THAAP) to conduct the 8th International THAAP Conference 2017 with the theme, ‘The City: An Evolving Organism’. The THAAP conference is set to begin on November 10 and will continue until November 13. GCU will play host to a photographic exhibition as part of the THAAP conference.

In his remarks, GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah said the conferences would provide platforms to policy makers, scientists, teachers, researchers, civil society and young students to indulge in meaningful dialogue and exchange ideas and experiences that could contribute towards efficient development and improved policy making.

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