The Government College University Lahore is going to establish a modern Institute of Chemical Sciences which would initially offer Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) and BSc Chemical Engineering.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Asghar Zaidi said that the Institute, approved by the University’s Syndicate and Academic Council, will comprise of three departments: Chemistry, Pharmacy and Chemical Engineering.

“This modern institute would help meet the growing needs of research and quality human resource in different fields including medicines, affordable energy production and storage technologies, environmental challenges, food security, and supply of clean water,” Prof. Zaidi said.

The Vice Chancellor believed that modern research had grown complex and multidisciplinary and it was not possible for a single department to possess all the knowledge and techniques required, so this Institute for the first time in Pakistan would provide opportunity to the faculty and graduates of Chemistry, Pharmacy, and Chemical Engineering under the umbrella of one institute.

“Global academia is moving towards interdisciplinary research, but unfortunately, we are compartmentalizing our disciplines which leads to a narrow vision,” Prof. Zaidi said.

He stressed that collaboration between experts from different disciplines in this Institute would maximize the potential benefits of interdisciplinarity for the economic and sustainable development of our country.

The Vice Chancellor said Pharm.D. programme is designed to provide a strong foundation in the biomedical, socio-behavioral, administrative, clinical, and pharmaceutical sciences. “This will ensure that our graduates possess the necessary skillset and knowledge to play a significant role in the evolving health care system of Pakistan and abroad.” Prof. Zaidi said.

Prof. Zaidi further explained that the degree of BSc Chemical Engineering is planned to address the complex problems of the chemical and allied industries that will improve the quality of life in our country. “Our chemical engineers will work in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, design and construction, pulp and paper, petrochemicals, food processing, and environmental health and safety industries,” he concluded.

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