GCUF TTS faculty demands reinstatement of jobs

GCUF TTS faculty demands reinstatement of jobs

GCUF TTS faculty demands reinstatement of jobs

The Tenure Track system was started to develop research culture and to let Universities hire highly qualified faculty via HEC. But the whole TTS system got ruined due to incompetency of HEC and victimization by the Universities. Unfortunately, no service structure has yet been devised by HEC; Universities don’t bother about TTS statutes. No job security, no policy in case of sudden death and importantly implementation of HEC criteria for TTS job in Universities. The non-compliance of HEC statutes, rules & regulations result in helplessness of TTS faculty in the hands of University administration.

The biggest scam happened to occur in Government College University Faisalabad(GCUF), wherein PhD faculty was hired during 2011-2013. HEC criteria clearly state evaluation process to be completed within the probationary period. But the said University was unable to devise any evaluation criteria during the probationary period of TTS faculty. After the completion of six years of TTS job, foreign evaluation was conducted and the faculty got positive reports. Not even a single review was conducted in terms of local evaluation by the Chairmen which is called as DTRC (Departmental Tenure Review Committee). The Vice Chancellor plus the Dean, happened to be part of DTRC; in contradiction to the HEC statutes.

The never ending story then started when many of the TTS faculty members were terminated when the TTS faculty already completed their probationary period and positive foreign reports. The said University introduced new increment-based rules in 52nd Syndicate meeting held on 21-05-2018; notified wide Ref. No. GCUF/Reg/Meet/18/584; dated 05-06-2018; totally contradictory to HEC criteria and overall with government job structure wherein, this University introduced interestingly half incremental stages.

Instead of promotion; University terminated many of faculty members on TTS by implementing these rules retrospectively. It should be noted that as per GCUF ordinance; these rules/TTS policy has to be approved first before to get implemented on any of the University Teacher. Alas, the poor TTS faculty members approached LHC and got stay orders. University cleverly did comply with only two orders. The faculty members appealed the worthy Chancellor who remanded the cases to syndicate to decide afresh.

But GCUF succeeded to bluff syndicate, managed to get endorsement from QAD-HEC, misinterpreted the worthy Chancellor orders of Oct. 2019. Its noteworthy that even the new HEC criteria approved in June 2020 in commission meeting and notified on 16-10-2020 wherein probationary period has been increased from six to nine years; is implementable on all the terminated faculty of GCUF as none of them ye completed 9 years of TTS job on the date of issuance of this letter. The issue always remained unsolved only due to the incompetency of HEC and the malpractices as well as malafied intentions at the end of GCUF.

Recent development in July, 2021 remained fruitful for one the terminated colleague who resumed TTS job thanks to the worthy Chancellor. The order of worthy Chancellor clearly states that the rules/policy passed by the syndicate on 21-05-2018 was not approved by the Chancellor; hence cannot be implemented on any of the University teacher. The Chancellor order declared GCUF policy of 21-05-2018 which caused terminations as illegal and hence, on the part of HEC, the endorsements became questionable.

Since the criteria/procedure notified vide Notification dated 5th June 2018 was never sent to seek the assent of the Governor/Chancellor in terms of Section 9(5) of the Government College University Faisalabad Ordinance 2002, thus, clearly devoid of the force of law; hence cannot be made applicable to the University teachers.

The big joke for about 170 PhD faculty members on TTS in GCUF; the whole TTS system and its evaluation in Government College University Faisalabad became illegal as per Chancellor Orders and interestingly the endorsement has already been made by HEC.

It is also to be revealed too that HEC constituted a Review Committee to help resolve the termination issue of GCUF on 25th of June, 2021. The TORs were clearly defined on the notification about the evaluation of cases based on the  of HEC Model Tenure Track Process Statutes version 2.0. The amended clause is equally implementable on the entire terminated faculty. The committee was mandated to decide within 15 days but again thanks to the incompetency of HEC, the issue was not yet resolved.

At each step; GCUF administration constantly showed stubbornness, non-compliance and non-cooperative. HEC as always, unable to get this issue resolved and let University to ruin the future of TTS faculty. The ultimate sufferer, the poor TTS faculty members always tried hard in search of justice, merit and implementation of TTS statutes.  Uptill now, GCUF didn’t provide any relief despite of being guilty via introducing illegal policy, HEC is showing cold shoulders at far end to make it all happened.

In principle, the Vice Chancellor has to take action against the responsible persons starting from Chairmen to Dean, Registrar and TTS convener but not at all. Rather, they are flourishing, enjoying all the perks and facilities.

The teachers requested to the Chancellor to force GCUF to provide similar relief to all terminated faculty as already granted to one of the terminated faculty member and to reinstate TTS services of these faculty members at the earliest.

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