GCU’s 100 years old Natural History Museum opens to general public

GCU’s 100 years old Natural History Museum opens to general public


The historical Stephenson Natural History Museum at Government College University Lahore opened its doors to the general public on Sunday, attracting a significant number of visitors, including nature enthusiasts and families with children. Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi expressed great satisfaction with the turnout and promised more such exhibitions from GCU for the general public in the future.

The 100-year-old museum, considered a one-of-a-kind in Pakistan, has undergone extensive restoration and renovation funded by the University’s own savings. The preservation of this unique natural history treasure has been well-received by students, faculty and staff.

With over 6000 specimens of both vertebrates and invertebrates, the museum provided an exceptional opportunity for attendees to explore biodiversity, fossils, and evolution. Its historical significance as one of the first Natural History Museums in South East Asia added to its appeal.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Zaidi extended an open invitation for Sunday, July 30th 2023, free, to people of all ages and backgrounds, including students from various educational institutes. He reaffirmed the university’s commitment to providing such opportunities to the general public.

Visitors were captivated by attractions such as the adorable three-month-old Toy Terrier puppy, the intriguing double-headed duckling, and the rare three-legged hen. The mammalian trophies and fascinating extinct fossils of invertebrates also garnered significant attention.

The 18th-century bird collection proved to be a highlight for bird enthusiasts and history lovers, sparking discussions among attendees.

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