GCWUF Hosts Training Workshop for Clinical Dietitians

GCWUF Hosts Training Workshop for Clinical Dietitians

GCWUF Hosts Training Workshop for Clinical Dietitians

The Department of Nutritional Sciences at Government College Women University, Faisalabad (GCWUF), in collaboration with the Pak-Korea Nutrition Center (PKNC) and Faisalabad Medical University (FMU), successfully organized a two-day training workshop titled “Capacity Building of the Clinical Dietitians”. The workshop aimed to enhance the knowledge and skills of clinical dietitians and promote effective nutrition education among students.

Prof. Dr. Saima Akram, Coordinator of the Faculty of Science & Technology, inaugurated the event with a warm welcome to the esteemed guests and speakers, outlining the importance and objectives of the workshop. Mr. Asif A. Malik, Registrar of GCWUF, honored the event with his insightful remarks, emphasizing the significance of continuous professional development in the field of nutritional sciences. The event also saw the participation of Mr. Ansar Mughal, Treasurer of GCWUF, along with numerous faculty members and enthusiastic students from the Human Nutrition & Dietetics program.

The workshop featured prominent resource persons including Dr. Uzma Ali, Dr. Ayesha Ayub, and Dr. Abdullah Butt from FMU and PKNC, UAF. They delivered a comprehensive series of technical and practical sessions covering key topics such as nutritional assessment, healthy eating, dietary management, energy and nutrient needs, nutrition education, and effective nutrition counseling techniques. These sessions were designed to equip clinical dietitians with the necessary skills to better serve their communities and enhance their professional capabilities.

An interactive question and answer session was held, allowing students to engage directly with the experts and clarify their queries, fostering a deeper understanding of the material covered. The workshop concluded with a group photo and a heartfelt vote of thanks by Dr. Madiha Ilyas, Convener and Incharge of the Department of Nutritional Sciences, expressing gratitude to all participants and organizers for their dedication and contributions.

The successful completion of this workshop marks a significant step towards advancing the field of nutritional sciences in Pakistan, highlighting the collaborative efforts of GCWUF, PKNC, and FMU in promoting health and wellness through education and professional training.

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