GCWUF organizes Graphic Design Degree Show

GCWUF organizes Graphic Design Degree Show

GCWUF organizes Graphic Design Degree Show

The Graphic Design Degree Show at the Art and Design Department of Government College for Women University Faisalabad (GCWUF) was officially inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Dr. Zill-i-Huma Nazli. The ceremony, attended by esteemed guests and faculty members, marked a significant milestone for 26 students who showcased their outstanding projects, demonstrating exceptional creativity and technical prowess.

The projects exhibited covered various facets of graphic design, including branding, visual communication, typography, and design principles. Dr. Zill-i-Huma Nazli praised the students for their talent and dedication, commending their supervisor, Ms. Zain Manzoor, and the entire Art and Design department for their unwavering commitment to excellence.

In her address, Dr. Zill-i-Huma Nazli expressed her admiration for the students’ work, stating, “I am impressed by the students’ talent and hard work. The department has done an excellent job in nurturing their skills.” She further emphasized the importance of graphic design in visual culture and voiced her confidence that these students will significantly impact contemporary digital art.

The event saw the presence of notable figures including Registrar Asif A. Malik, Coordinator of Science and Technology Prof. Dr. Saima Akram, faculty members, students, industry professionals, and media representatives. Their attendance highlighted the significance of the occasion and the collective support for the emerging designers.

The Graphic Design Degree Show was not only a showcase of the students’ skills but also a testament to the program’s strong foundation in design principles, color theory, and typography. The jurors provided valuable feedback and guidance, reinforcing the educational excellence of the department.

Visitors to the event expressed their appreciation and offered recommendations, which will undoubtedly encourage and motivate the students as they continue to excel in their field. The successful exhibition underscored the importance of graphic design in our visual culture and the potential of these budding designers to make meaningful contributions to the industry.

As the students now prepare to embark on their professional journeys, the Graphic Design Degree Show stands as a proud testament to their hard work and the department’s dedication to fostering creativity and technical skill. The event’s success not only celebrates the achievements of these talented individuals but also sets a promising precedent for future designers emerging from GC Women University Faisalabad.

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