Are you usually bored and want to do something fun yet knowledgeable while scrolling through your mobile? We have got you covered. We bring you yet another great general knowledge quiz, especially for English Literature students.

  1. How many periods are there in English Literature?
    Answer: There are 8 periods


  1. Who is the mother of English fiction?
    Answer: Frances Burney


  1. Tweedledum and Tweedledee are two characters of which Children’s book?
    Answer: Alice in Wonderland


  1. Which Shakespeare character has the most lines?
    Answer: Hamlet with 1569 lines


  1. What is Haiku?
    Answer: It’s a short form of poetry consisting of three phrases or sentences


  1. How many plays did Shakespeare write?
    Answer: He wrote 37 plays


  1. What are the three elements of a poem?
    Answer: Rhythm, Scheme and Meter


  1. The Great Gatsby is written in which year?
    Answer: In the year 1925


  1. Who wrote Frankenstein?
    Answer: It was written by Mary Shelley


  1. What is the shortest poem ever?
    Answer: Lines on the Antiquity of Microbes


  1. What are the three types of Literature?
    Answer: Poetry, drama and prose


  1. Who is the father of English Literature?
    Answer: Geoffrey Chaucer
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