General Knowledge questions about Biotechnology
General Knowledge questions about Biotechnology
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General Knowledge questions about Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a combination of technology and biology that tends to improve the way of our life. Biotechnology is a branch of Biology. Biotechnology also consists of five main divisions. The subject of biotechnology mainly revolves around the use of Biology to solve problems as well as make useful products. Biotechnology also refers to the cellular as well as biomolecular processes that involve animal as well as human organisms to create products and technologies. Biotechnology also offers quite a strong role in the medical, environmental as well as manufacturing industries. So, are you ready to test your knowledge by taking this amazing general knowledge quiz packed with tons of information? Well, isn’t it fun to always learn something new and exciting and to regenerate your knowledge about interesting topics? We are here with yet another interesting general knowledge quiz to test your intelligence. So, scroll down and take this General Knowledge questions about Biotechnology.

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1. What are the main divisions of Biotechnology?

Answer: Well, there are 5 main divisions of biotechnology. These include:

⁃ Industrial biotechnology
⁃ Plant biotechnology
⁃ Animal biotechnology
⁃ Medical biotechnology
⁃ Environmental biotechnology

2. What are the benefits of Biotechnology?

Answer: Biotechnology helps plants with pest resistance. It also helps the plants to tolerate stressful conditions for example low temperatures, droughts, salt in the soil, and much more. Biotechnology also helps generate vaccines for animals to fight various diseases.

3. What is Electrophoresis?

Answer: Electrophoresis mainly known as Cataphoresis shows the existence of an electric charge. This method is also used in molecular biology as well as medicine, and it can also be defined as the movements of colloidal particles.

4. What is tissue culture?

Answer: Tissue culture is known as the artificial growth of the tissues and cells in a medium that is mainly derived from living organisms as well as tissues

5. What is the role of environmental biotechnology?

Answer: Environmental biotechnology is one of the branches of biotechnology. It helps to solve environmental problems such as controlling pollution, cleaning up the environment with the help of microbes, improving wastewater treatment, and much more

6. What is used as a vector for cloning into higher organisms?

Answer: Retrovirus is used for cloning into higher organisms

7. Name the bacterium which is used in the production of insulin by genetic engineering?

Answer: Escherichia is used in the production of insulin by genetic engineering

8. What does RNA help with?

Answer: RNA helps with the cell defense

9. The vaccines prepared through recombinant DNA technology are known as?

Answer: The vaccines prepared through recombinant DNA technology are known as third-generation vaccines

10. What are the three tools of biotechnology?

Answer: The three main tools of biotechnology are known as the following:

⁃ Plant tissue culture
⁃ Transgenic (Genetically modified organisms)
⁃ Recombinant DNA technology (Genetic engineering)

11. What are the main types of biotechnology?

Answer: There are mainly two types of biotechnology that include the following:

⁃ Modern biotechnology
⁃ Traditional biotechnology

12. Name the main technique used in biotechnology?

Answer: Recombinant DNA technology is the most widely used in biotechnology. This technique involves combining DNA material from two different species

13. Name the largest types of biotechnology?

Answer: There are four main types of biotechnology:

⁃ Red biotechnology
⁃ White biotechnology
⁃ Green biotechnology
⁃ Blue biotechnology

14. Who is the father of biotechnology?

Answer: Karl Ereky is the father of biotechnology

15. What was the first biotechnological plant?

Answer: The first biotechnological plant was known as the tobacco plant resistant to an antibiotic

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