Geography deals with the study of different people in various locations on the earth which also includes their activities. Geography is mostly defined as the description of the earth. However, it can’t only be defined as the description of the earth but also its features, it also investigates the interrelation between man and his environment. Have you ever wondered about the geography of our beloved country, Pakistan? Would you like to enhance your knowledge about the geography of Pakistan? Well, who doesn’t like to increase their general knowledge about interesting stuff? We are back with yet another great and interesting general knowledge question about the geography of Pakistan. So, if you want to know more about the geography of Pakistan then keep on reading and enhance your knowledge skills with these amazing general knowledge questions about the geography of Pakistan.

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1. Balochistan is known to be the largest province of Pakistan. How much percentage of the total area does it cover Pakistan?

Answer: Balochistan is the largest province yet known as the least populous. However, it covers approximately 44% of the total area.

2. How much of a percentage does Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cover out of the total area of Pakistan?

Answer: Well, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa covers 6% area of Pakistan.

3. What is the name of the pass which connects Mardan with Malakand?

Answer: The name of the pass is Dargai Pass

4. Name the rivers that join the river Indus at Kot Mithan?

Answer: River Chenab, Ravi, Sutluj, as well as Jhelum, join the river Indus at Kot Mithan.

5. Name the longest river in Balochistan?

Answer: Hingol

6. Name the pass which connects Pakistan to China?

Answer: Tochi pass

7. In how many natural regions can Pakistan be divided?

Answer. It is divided into 6 natural regions

8. In which district is the Gorakh hill station?

Answer: The Gorakh hill station is situated in Dadu

9. Where does the SWAN river flows?

Answer: It is known to flow near Rawalpindi

10. Name the sea that is situated in the South of Pakistan?

Answer: The Arabian Sea

11. Name the smallest ocean in Pakistan?

Answer: The Indian Ocean

12. Name the area between the Chenab and Ravi rivers?

Answer: Rachna Doab

13. Name the area between the Ravi and Sutluj rivers?

Answer: Bari Doab

14. Name the country which is situated to the West of Pakistan?

Answer: Iran

15. Which country is situated in the Northeast of Pakistan?

Answer: China

16. How many districts are there in the province of KPK, Pakistan?

Answer: There are 34 districts in the province of KPK

17. Name the largest district of KPK?

Answer: The largest district of KPK is District Chitral

18. Name the second biggest natural gas field in Pakistan?

Answer: Mari

19. Name the smallest tribal agency in Pakistan?

Answer: Bajaur Agency

20. Name the largest tribal agency in Pakistan?

Answer: South Waziristan. It is a district in Dera Ismail Khan

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