We are here with, yet another exciting quiz filled with interesting general knowledge questions about Pakistan’s history. Do you think you know everything about Pakistan’s history? Well, let’s test your knowledge about the history of our beloved Pakistan. So, scroll down to find out some of the most interesting general knowledge questions about Pakistan’s history.

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1. Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan during the enforcement of the first constitution?

Answer: Choudhry Mohammad Ali

2. After how many years did Pakistan get its first constitution?

Answer: After 9 years

3. Who suggested Pakistan’s standard time?

Answer: Professor Muhammad Anwar

4. When was Pakistan’s first stamp ticket issued?

Answer: Pakistan’s first stamp ticket was issued on 09-07-1948.

5. Who prepared the map of Minar-e-Pakistan?

Answer: The map of Minar-e-Pakistan was prepared by Mr. Mirat Khan.

6. What is the duration of the National Anthem of Pakistan?

Answer: 80 seconds

7. When was the National Anthem of Pakistan approved?

Answer: It was approved in August 1954.

8. When did Pakistan become a member of the United Nations?

Answer: September 30, 1947

9. Which Pakistani leader first visited USSR (The United Socialist Soviet Republic)?

Answer: President Ayub Khan visited USSR in 1965.

10. Who drew Pakistan’s official map?

Answer: Mian Mahmood Alam

11. What was the old name of KPK?

Answer: It was known as Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP)

12. Who gave the idea of Pakistan?

Answer: Allama Iqbal gave the idea of Pakistan in 1930.

13. Who gave the two-nation theory of Pakistan?

Answer: Syed Ahmad Khan

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