General knowledge questions for Architecture students

General knowledge questions for Architecture students

general knowledge questions about architecture

It is always fun to test your knowledge by taking online quizzes so that you can learn about new things. In this article, you will find some of the most interesting general knowledge questions about architecture. Read on!

1. What does not describe the risk in software development?

Answer: A cause of failure

2. Using a consistent level of detail across a model helps what?

Answer: It makes the view more comprehensible

3. What describes the scope of a software project?

Answer: A context diagram

4. What is the purpose of the dependency inversion principle?

Answer: It helps to ensure that objects are highly reusable

5. What are the names of the models in software’s canonical model structure?

Answer: Domain, design and code

6. What architectural term describes the interior curve of an arch?

Answer: The interior surface of an arch is known as intrados

7. What do we call the stonework elements that support the glass in a Gothic window?

Answer: Tracery

8. What component in a typical staircase is responsible for supporting the surface portion of stairs on which people walk?

Answer: Stringer

9. In what year was the innovative blueprint process first introduced?

Answer: The Blueprint process was first introduced in 1842

10. What is not among the three distinct orders in Ancient Greek architecture?

Answer: Protonic

11. What’s the name for a type of tall, slender tower built into or adjacent to mosques?

Answer: Minaret

12. Which architectural style is reflected in Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral?

Answer: Gothic

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