We are here with yet another exciting quiz but this time for engineering students. It’s always considered fun to take online short quizzes to enhance your knowledge and have a good time while using your phone.
Listing a few questions in this piece of article to keep you engaged for some time.


  1. What type of steel has carbon as its principle hardening agent?
    Answer: Carbon steel


  1. Name the world-famous electrical engineer, whose surname was that of an Irish river, who is generally credited with founding the science of information theory.
    Answer: Claude Shannon


  1. A capacitor stores energy. Is the energy stored in the Electric field, the Magnetic field or both?
    Answer: Electric Field


  1. Two balls of equal mass and of perfectly elastic material are lying on the floor. One of the balls with velocity v is made to strike the second ball. Both the balls after impact will move with which velocity?
    Answer: V/2


  1. If atomic masses of Al and O are 26.98 amu and 16.00 amu respectively, how many grams of Al are there in 431g of Al2O3?
    Answer: 228 g


  1. What does the symbol “pH” stand for?
    Answer: The power of hydrogen-ion


  1. Who proposed pH scale in 1909?
    Answer: Soren Sorensen


  1. Which component alone in the engine generates as much power as a Formula 1 racing car?
    Answer: A turbine blade


  1. How fast can jet engines propel a plane weighing 350 tons?
    Answer: 600 mph


  1. Quantities which posses’ magnitude are known as?
    Answer: Scalar quantities


  1. What type of steel has 0.8% carbon and 100% pearlite?
    Answer: Eutectoid


  1. What is a large molecule with two alternating mers is known as?
    Answer: Copolymer or inter-polymer


  1. Which device is used for measuring the velocity of a bullet?
    Answer: Ballistic pendulum


  1. What is the mixing of gases due to molecular motion called?
    Answer: Diffusion


  1. What is concurrent force system?
    Answer: All forces act at the same point


  1. What is the force of attraction on a body?
    Answer: Weight


  1. What do we call fluids at rest?
    Answer: Hydrostatics


  1. What is the most abundant metal in nature?
    Answer: Aluminium


  1. What is the chief ore of titanium?
    Answer: Ilmenite


  1. What acid is used in glass itching?
    Answer: Hydrofluoric acid (HF)


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