Here we are with twenty general knowledge questions on journalism to enhance your learning skills. Read on!

1. What is journalism?

Answer: An activity or profession of writing for magazines or newspapers or broadcasting news on television or radio

2. What is photojournalism?

Answer: The art or practice of communicating news through photographs

3. If a sentence is written in SUBJECT-VERB-OBJECT style, what should it be called?

Answer: Active

4. The style of journalistic writing allows you to include the least important details at the bottom of the article. What is it?

Answer: Inverted Pyramid

5. In journalism, what is that one thing the writer needs to avoid?

Answer: Long, complicated sentences and paragraphs

6. What does proximity refer to?

Answer: Something close by or near

7. What is a by-line?

Answer: Name of a person who wrote the article

8. A reporter who follows one particular genre would be covering?

Answer: Beat

9. What is another word for a photo caption that journalists use?

Answer: Cutline

10. Which is the most important aspect of being a good reporter?

Answer: Making accuracy your goal

11. What type of opinion article is written as a newspaper staff?

Answer: Editorial

12. What describes a reporter injecting his or her opinion into an article?

Answer: Editorialize

13. The inverted pyramid works best for what stories?

Answer: News stories

14. What is a construct?

Answer: It is an abstract statement

15. What is broadcast journalism?

Answer: A television or radio program or a transmission

16. What is the definition of censorship?

Answer: Restrictions imposed from outside the newsroom

17. What doesn’t characterize Yellow Journalism?

Answer: Fair and balanced reporting

18. An article about record breaking heat is considered with what?

Answer: Timeliness

19. What are the characteristics of journalistic writing?

Answer: Shorter paragraphs, short concise paragraphs and sentences, and effective, important quotes

20. Is it True or False that If a writer is writing a review, they don’t need to interview anyone else?

Answer: False

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