General knowledge questions for Sociology students

General knowledge questions for Sociology students

General knowledge questions for Sociology

It is always great to learn something exciting while scrolling through your phone. So, here we are with yet another set of interesting general knowledge questions for Sociology students.

1. A biologically distinct group representing common and distinctive heredity is referred to as what?
Answer: Race

2.  What do prejudice and feelings of cultural superiority give rise to?
Answer: Ethnocentrism

3. A formally organized group having limited objectives that are specifically spelled out and well understood is known as?
Answer: Association

4. What is the distinctive characteristic of human society in comparison to animal society?
Answer: Culture

5. What term is used to explain the state of the cultural system in which the cultural elements change in unequal rates disrupting the harmony between material and non-material aspects?
Answer: Cultural lag

6. What is important to differentiate between the social category and social group?
Answer: Formal rules and regulations

7. A social situation where two or more conflicting groups resolve not to fight further, to adjust with each other leaving the causes of conflict unresolved and agreeing to get certain benefits on mutual basis of conceptualized as the process of?
Answer: Accommodation

8. Correctly define role-set?
Answer: Different roles played by the same person in the same capacity

9. What may become a reference group for a given person?
Answer: Only the group to which the person does not belong

10. Which one of the following statements is correct?
A- Social processes are always associative
B- Social processes are always dissociative
C- Social processes may be both associative and dissociative
D- Social processes are neither associative nor dissociative

Answer: C- Social processes may be both associated and dissociative

11. Name the process whereby the norms and rules in various social settings grow and crystallize?
Answer: Socialization

12. What does Weber’s typology of action include?
Answer: Rational action in relation to goal, rational action in relation to value, emotional action and traditional action

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