Good general knowledge enables you to be a part of various quizzes at your school, university and office level. It narrows our sense of perceiving the world, and understanding and analyzing situations better than one would without proper knowledge. So, we are back with yet another interesting set of general knowledge questions to enhance your learning about environmental science. Read on!

1. Greenhouse gas that is present in very high quantity is called?
Answer: Carbon dioxide

2. Name the layer of atmosphere in which the Ozone layer lies?
Answer: The ozone layer lies in the Stratosphere

3. Name the chemical substance used in the industry for cold cleaning?
Answer: Methyl chloroform

4. What is the name of an extremely effective fire extinguishing agent?
Answer: The name of an extremely effective fire extinguishing agent is Halon

5. Wavelength of infrared (IR) radiation is?
Answer: Wavelength of infrared (IR) radiation is considered Longer

6. Which wave has the shortest wavelength?
Answer: The shortest wavelength is Gamma rays

7. What is the highest wavelength?
Answer: The highest wavelength is Radio waves

8. Number of atoms in ozone molecules are?
Answer: Number of atoms in ozone molecules is THREE

9. Name the layer which saves the life of harmful effects of ‘UV’ radiation?
Answer: Ozone layer

10. Higher energy level and shorter wavelengths are features of?
Answer: Ultraviolet radiation

11. Name the chemical released by chlorofluorocarbons?
Answer: Name of the chemical released by chlorofluorocarbons is Chlorine

12. What is the color of ozone molecule?
Answer: The color of ozone molecule is Blue

13. Methyl chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, hydro fluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons are mainly known as?
Answer: Ozone depleting substances

14. What is the name of the protocol signed to reduce the production of chlorofluorocarbons?
Answer: Montreal Protocol

15. Annual ozone hole is located on which continent?
Answer: Annual ozone hole is located in Antarctica

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