A bid to use sports to get almost 200,000 out-of-school children back into classrooms has been launched by Qatar, host of the next Football World Cup. Generation Amazing, which is part of the upcoming world cup, is collaborating with Qatar and British Council’s ‘Educate a Child’ (EAC) programme to use football for bringing a much-needed social change in the country.

Generation Amazing is a three-year education-based initiative that is being promoted by Qatar. The programme aims to elevate retention levels in schools and is being launched at 66 schools in eight districts of Punjab in the pilot phase. These pilot districts include Sialkot, Jhelum and Muzaffargarh in Punjab, Ghotki and Thatta in Sindh, Peshawar and Swat in KP and Lasbela in Balochistan.

Generation Amazing’s programme assists teachers in developing cordial relationships with their students by introducing interactive activities and breaking the monotonous school routine. Generation Amazing does not include sports teachers alone but also involves other workers who are trained on the lines of the United Generation’ curriculum which consists of 12 everyday challenges.

Dr Mary Joy Pigozzi, EAC executive director, said, “Through our partnership with British Council and Generation Amazing, we aim to support a sustainable future in Pakistan. Together we strive to reach 200,000 of the country’s most vulnerable and marginalised children and inspire them with a quality primary education that will positively impact their lives, communities and country”.

Faiza Inayat, who is the director of ‘Ilm-Possible: Take a Child to School Phase II’, said, “We are always looking for innovative means to support our retention objectives and to keep children engaged and supportive of their own education. The Generation Model aims to do this by utilising an easy to understand and interactive approach. The Generation Amazing programme has had considerable impact in the schools where it is implemented.”

Under the Ilm-possible programme, the British Council focuses on enrolment and retention of out-of-school children aged 5-11. This programme is co-sponsored by ‘Educate a Child’, an initiative of Education Above All (EAA), Qatar. Together the two organisations aim to educate 9,016 children involved in the programme, making them more respectful towards their teachers, parents and even peers. They also aspire to make them effective in work endeavours and more responsible on personal levels

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