GIKI Rector appreciates AI based dubbing software by students


Rector, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) Prof Dr Fazal A Khalid has appreciated the final year project titled Dublr, AI based dubbing software, which has recently attracted a lot of attention from industry, academia and alumni.

The advisor of the project, Prof Dr Ghulam Abbas, was also present on occasion. Dublr is an AI-based end-to-end automated dubbing system that utilizes voice cloning and lip-syncing technology to generate realistic outputs. It takes as input a video clip in any language and generates an output video clip dubbed in English. The rector showed genuine interest in the project, appreciated the work, and discussed its potential to revolutionize the dubbing industry.

The future prospects of the project including the incubation of the project at the GIK’s Incubation Center were also discussed. The rector presented the team with a shield as a token of recognition and appreciation for the efforts put forth by the team.

Rector Dr Fazal A Khalid said that AI is the future and we need to prepare our youth to combat the modern needs of technology. He added that he was happy to see that Pakistani youth are ready to deal with the latest advancement being held in the technology sector.

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