GirlsCan Campaign aims to enroll more girls in schools


In a remote district of Khairpur, Rizwana is making an impact on her society through various initiatives she learned from the training offered through the #GirlsCan Campaign. She has re-developed her school library and worked on every girl child to remain in her school. Several other success stories of our ambassadors making the same impact in their respective areas.


AzCorp entertainment hosted the award ceremony to celebrate the success of the GirlsCan Campaign and the astounding performance of the public-school teachers and students at IBA Sukkur University.


The GirlsCan is AzCorp Entertainment’s initiative to help improve adolescent girls’ enrollment ratio in Sindh and was launched in August 2020. The #GirlsCan project is a research-driven and advocacy-based idea that contributed to issues faced by girls during school education. The two-year-long campaign adopted a multi-pronged approach and reached out to 17,000 adolescent-age girls in district Khairpur and Sukkur of Sindh through non-conventional learning tools such as comic series, ambassador programs, TV, and radio broadcasts.


These learning tools focused on enhancing the target audiences’ social-emotional learning (SEL) and lifeskills. The project also engaged with more than 18 elected public representatives (MPAs), like Rabia Azfar Nizami, Sidra Imran, Shehla Raza, and Owais Qadir. The #GirlsCan campaign also engaged social activists like Sabina Khatri and Mehtab Akbar Rashidi and trained 200 plus teachers and volunteer girls as project Ambassadors in storytelling and disseminating the campaign’s message.


During the closing ceremony, 120 guests participated, including trained teachers, students, MPAs, and partners from other educational organizations and civil society. The top 11 teachers received best teachers awards, and more than 60 students received certificates of appreciation.


Speaking about the impact and scalability of the #GirlsCan, its Program Director Madiha Rehman mentioned that adopting non-conventional learning tools such as comic books, storytelling, and interactive videos enhances students’ learning experience. It also plays a critical role in shifting behaviors and mindsets toward education. Rehman also reiterated that these easy-to-use tools could easily be scaled to more schools and districts to enhance students’ social-emotional learning (SEL) and life skills.


During the event Noor Hussain, Director IBA Community Colleges & Schools

Sukkur IBA University said that “Government schools and students have a lot of potential and they can make difference we need to make to make an impact we should make changes on policy level by engaging local communities and propose right solutions to promote girls’ education.”


While addressing the audience chief guest Altaf Hussain Samo

Professor / Director EDC mentioned “these students have a lot of potential and we wish to see them pursue their education in Universities like IBA Sukkur and I encouraged these young girls to continue their education on scholarship programs offered by IBA Sukkur University”


The GirlsCan beneficiary and trained teacher Ms. Nimra Murad from GGHS Kandra Sukkur said “mentioned “we should provide more platforms to these girls so that they gain confidence and fulfil their dreams and #GirlsCan project has helped these girls to be more confident and believe in themselves”

The GirlsCan beneficiary and Student Aqsa GGHS Khairpur said “ GirlsCan comic books gave me chance to reflect on my own potential and I spoke for my rights and due to these books I have convinced my parents to pursue my dream to continue football and I am representing my school on district level”


AzCorp wishes to continue to bring such projects to promote girls’ education and amplify their message to a larger audience.

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