Glowing tributes paid to prominent storyteller Shoukat Ali Shoro


Speakers have paid a rich tributes to the eminent playwright, literary figure and former director of SU’s Institute of Sindhology Shoukat Hussain Shoro for his unforgettable services to the Sindhi language and said that he was a true Sindh Lover, a man of discipline and the man of letters who struggled whole life for the promotion of Sindhi Language and Literature and introduced new trends in the story writing.

This they said in the condolence reference held at the Institute of Sindhology at its Pir Hassamuddin Shah Rashdi Auditorium in the memory of renowned novelist and playwright Shoukat Hussain Shoro, which was attended by a large number of scholars, teachers and students and family members of the author. The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran and prayers for forgiveness of the deceased soul, which was graced by Muhammad Shoaib Silawat here on Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Dr. Arfana Begum Mallah said that Jamshoro was more famous for being a mountainous area, but the identity of Shoukat Hussain Shoro was like a beautiful flower of Jamshoro, whose fragrance was aromatic across Sindh.

“His personality and stories are unique”, she said and added that whatever position he held in his 30-year career at the University of Sindh, he remained undisputed.

She said that his 9-year period as director of Sindhology was an ideal era and that he was an institutional figure. However, she said the colorful flowers blooming in the courtyard of Sindhology were a reflection of his personality.

She further said that Shoro Sahib was a man who did his job quietly; he did not have any arrogance while serving on various key positions adding that he was an altruistic and honest man while his separation was a great loss to all.

She said that it was a great honor to pay homage to Mr. Shoro by the Institute of Sindhology where he had given 9 years of his life as director.

Addressing the condolence reference, director Sindhiology Dr. Mahmood-ul-Hassan Mughal said that Shoukat Shoro was not only the best novelist but also the best man who always gave him affection like his elder brother.

He said that it was a great honor for him to have Shoukat Hussain Shoro as the editor of the children’s magazine “Gulphul” in which his first ever story was published in 1975.

“This world is mortal, we all have to leave this planet one day; only human character is remembered”, he established.

He further said that the role played by Shoukat Hussain Shoro as the best man, best officer, best administrator and best novelist and playwright will always be remembered.

Dean Faculty of Engineering and Technology University of Sindh Dr. Khalil-ur-Rehman Khombati said that Shoukat Hussain Shoro belonged to an area of Sujawal which had produced eminent personalities in science, literature and politics adding that the late playwright wrote with great responsibility, valour and courage.

He further said that Shoukat Hussain Shoro was a man who believed in speaking less and doing more and that his services to the University of Sindh will always be committed to memory.

Faculty member at SU’s Department of Philosophy Amar Sindhu said that when she came to the University of Sindh as a student, she saw bright stars of knowledge and literature shining there. The eloquence and articulacy of his personality was impressive.

She said that the period of his posting as director Sindhology was a golden age, in which the institute developed a lot and gained fame.

She added that whenever the history of Sindhology was summed up, his period will be written in prominent words.

Director Institute of Art and Design Prof. Saeed Ahmad Mangi said that he did not accept the news of Shoukat’s death as yet, adding that the late dramatist always gave them courage, respect and commitment and made them move forward.

He said that the era of working under his leadership in Sindhology was a memorable era of his life. He added that there were very few capable, sincere and honest people on the planet like him; he was an artist by nature and saw things from the heart.

Well known author Muhammad Mithal Jiskani said that Shoukat Hussain Shoro was an excellent storyteller and selfless man adding that his conversation style was very pleasant and impressive.

Advisor Planning and Development Cell, University of Sindh Sajid Qayoom Memon said that he had a very close relationship with Shoro Sahib while the late storyteller always considered him like his own children.

He said that Shoro Sahib was a great and loving soul besides being a great storyteller, great playwright and great administrator. ‘We are deeply saddened by his death”, he said and added that his sincerity and honesty could never be forgotten.

Noted author Faheem Noonari said that Shoukat Hussain Shoro was the best novelist. In the days of PTV, his dramas were so popular among the viewers that when the dramas were aired, the streets became deserted.

He said the late playwright understood the human emotions and wrote accordingly adding that the characters in his stories were public.

Dr. Rehana Nazir, Muhammad Ali Ghanghro, Ghulam Mujtaba Bhutto and others also spoke on the occasion. The event was attended by a large number of writers, teachers and students including Shoukat Hussain Shoro’s brother Mushtaq Hussain Shoro and his son-in-law Ghazanfar Shoro.

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