GoRead launches Nani is Online
Nani is Online

GoRead launches Nani is Online

GoRead.pk Chief Executive Officer Nusser Sayeed launched a project ‘Nani is Online’ with the aim of “Technology for ALL”.

According to her, the use of technology can be a game changer for our elderly, yet we often see limiting mindsets when it comes to helping seniors go digital. GoRead story ‘Nani is Online’ breaks this stereotypical approach. Our young readers see Rani, the protagonist of the story, helping her family navigate a complex situation involving her grandparents. Her innovative approach helps her grandparents learn to use technology to their advantage, allowing them their continued independence as they face the challenges of old age.

She says; “Technology helps loved ones communicate via video chatting, instantly send messages and share news even if they’re thousands of miles apart. One of the most dramatic developments in technology is in #healthcare allowing the elderly to keep safe and independent in their own homes. Medical alerts, such as pendant and bracelet devices allow seniors to access assistance if they have an emergency such as a fall”.

GPS tracking allows caregivers to keep track of their loved ones. Medication reminders can be set up on personal devices and the elderly can remain active with gadgets like #fitbit. Companion robots such as Buddy are designed to support the elderly live independently.

The story ‘Nani is Online’ in English and ‘Nani Online Hain’ in Urdu is available on our website, Tali and Koel stores in Karachi.

“Tagging our partners & App Developers Venture Dive who continue to inspire and support us with the endless possibilities technology has to offer. She also thanked Bohra Developers for developing & supporting our website.

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