Government College University: Rankings & Review
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Government College University: Rankings & Review

Government College University: Rankings & Review
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GCU, famously known as Government College University, is one of the oldest institutes in Pakistan, striving to provide top-class education. It is considered one of the most prestigious institutes in the country.


Government College University was established in 1864 and gained university status in 2002. It plays a significant role in the educational sector of Pakistan.


QS WUR Ranking By Subject 2023 #351-400
Asian University Rankings #301-350
Asian University Rankings – South Asia =65



The campus is located in Lahore, offering outstanding education and facilities such as modern classrooms, labs, accommodation, libraries, and more. GCU provides an excellent learning environment and focuses on quality output projects.

Enrollment and Alumni:

GCU has an enrollment of 10,000+ students and a strong network of notable alumni, fostering a dynamic educational community. Notable alumni include Nawaz Sharif, Hamid Gul, Rameez Raja, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, and Yousaf Raza Gillani.


GCU boasts a highly-qualified faculty providing a positive and innovative learning environment. The diverse faculty caters to a high-caliber education.

Disciplines Offered:

GCU offers a wide array of disciplines, including:

    • Mathematics
    • Physical Sciences
    • Computer Science
    • Environmental Science
    • Statistics
    • Geography
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Physics

Additional Facilities:

GCU provides additional facilities to students, including:

    • Library
    • Sports Ground
    • Medical Facility
    • Accommodation
    • Mosque
    • Market
    • Bookstore
    • Parking
    • Tutorial System
    • Cafeteria

Hostel Capacity:

GCU accommodates over 600+ students in separate boys’ and girls’ hostels, ensuring a comfortable and safe living environment.

Journals and Newsletters:

GCU offers 10+ journals and has 2 newsletters.

Degree Programs:

GCU offers a comprehensive range of degree programs:

  • MS/MPhil
  • MA
  • Graduate
  • Undergraduate

International Linkages:

GCU has 4 international linkages with various institutions around the world.

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