Government Urged To Make Cancer Education Part Of Medical Curricula


The Cancer Society Multan (CSM) has urged the government to introduce changes in the medical syllabus and to include cancer education in the curricula for the early and timely diagnosis of the fatal disease. In the official statement released by CSM on Sunday, the organisation requested the inclusion of cancer education in the medical syllabus for eradicating the menace of quackery which is also one of the major reasons behind this fast spread disease in the present times.

The statement highlighted the need for spreading awareness about cancer through the medium of education, as this would help cancer physicians in treating cancer patients in the early stages of their disease. According to an estimate, 150,000 people are falling prey to the fatal disease annually, while only 65,000 patients avail treatment from recognised medical practitioners. The remaining patients consult quacks due to lack of awareness, said renowned Oncologist, Dr Ejaz Masood.

“One of the main reason behind cancer is smoking, however, hubble-bubble (huqqa), Betel, Gutka and other addictions were also causing it. Lungs cancer is at the top in our country and it is due to smoking. Breast cancer is at second while liver cancer is at number third. Our citizens are not paying care on healthy foods as the use of substandard cooking oil is common in hotels and other food points. Similarly, pesticide spray on vegetables is also another common reason of cancer,” he added.

He suggested women to visit doctors for a general medical check-up regularly, as it will help in the early diagnosis of breast cancer. Dr Masood said CSM has decided to mark 2019 as the year to “Do More for Cancer”. The organisation is working against the deadly disease since 1995 and has been involved in extensive research work with the Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncology and Oncology Department of Nishtar Hospital.


According to Dr Masood, Liver cancer was at number 11 in the year 1982, in terms of the number of patients in the country. Now, the number of patients have increased manifold, making it the third most common type of cancer in the country. The major reason behind it is increasing Hepatitis B and C patients in the country, he added.

World Cancer Day is celebrated on February 4, each year to raise awareness about the fatal disease and to urge the international community to work collectively for the eradication and prevention of the disease. World Cancer Day is celebrated in Pakistan as well, where numerous awareness sessions  are organised to alert people about the disease. The number of cancer patient have increased manifold in last few years, making it the most common and widespread disease in the country.

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