Governor Punjab urges effective actions for climate change
Governor Punjab urges effective actions for climate change

Governor Punjab urges effective actions for climate change

Governor Punjab and Chancellor Engr Baligh Ur Rahman have said that climate change is affecting the planet. Actions to maintain ecological balance in the region are a top priority. In this regard, experts from all over the world, including the universities will be invited to Governor Punjab House in the month of September for a consultative session.

The Governor of Punjab expressed these views in an online conference on environmental protection and social responsibilities at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB). He congratulated the Islamia University of Bahawalpur for highlighting this important issue and taking various steps for it. The establishment of the Consortium on Climate Change by the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, and the installation of a solar energy project in Jamia Islamia is a very important step in promoting environmentally friendly energy.

He appreciated Vice-Chancellor IUB Engr Prof Dr Athar Mahboob and senior faculty members for taking various measures regarding the environment.

On this occasion, Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) Chairman Prof Dr Shahid Munir said that emission of carbon gases on a global scale is the cause of environmental changes. In this regard, the United States, China and India are leading in the emission of carbon gases. At the end of this century, the world population will reach 20 billion.

Since the industrial revolution that started in 1850, carbon emissions due to human activities are at the highest level that we are facing in the form of global warming and other climate changes. He emphasized that international standards for environmental protection should be strictly implemented by all countries and adopt technologies that lead to reduction in pollution.

Secretary of Higher Education Department (HED) Najaf Iqbal said that cooperation between industry, academia and experts is very important for environmental protection. Addressing environmental threats is very important for social and community development and experts in universities can offer the best solutions for this.

Dr Athar Mahboob, Vice Chancellor of the IUB appreciated the participation of Governor Punjab Engr Baligh Ur Rahman, Chairman PHEC Prof Dr Shahid Munir, Secretary HED Najaf Iqbal, Vice Chancellors and other experts in an online conference regarding environment. He said that environment-friendly IUB is among the core values and the university is working on this sector on a large scale in this regard.

An Inter-University Consortium was formed under the leadership of Prof Dr Shazia Anjum so that all the departments in the University could join forces to conserve the environment. Subsequently, the Inter-University Consortium on Climate Change was formed, which includes more than 50 universities and institutions. This one-of-a-kind consortium was welcomed by all dignitaries including the Governor of Punjab. He said that such courses have been introduced at the BS level which creates awareness and consciousness regarding the environment.

The Department of Environmental Sciences at the Islamia University of Bahawalpur is offering a 4-year BS degree in Environment. At present, the university is getting 3 MW of solar energy from the solar energy park, which is sufficient for the campus needs in winter. The Green Campus Project was started in the Islamia University of Bahawalpur 3 years ago to establish an environmentally friendly campus where renewable energy is provided, food wastage is minimized and waste management is also in place. The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is installing a water waste treatment plant in Bahawalpur later this year. The Sustainable Development Center has been established under the supervision of Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof Dr Rubina Bhatti so that the Islamia University of Bahawalpur can effectively play its role in achieving the goals of long-term development.

On this occasion, Vice Chancellor Institute of World Development Economics Dr Nadeem ul Haque, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof Dr Rubina Bhatti, Prof Dr Shazia Anjum, Dean Faculty of Chemical and Biological Sciences, Prof Dr Asif Naveed Ranjha, Chairman Department of Social Work, Dr. Muhammad Abdullah, Director Biodiversity Park, national and international experts are addressing. Among them Prof Dr Ji Li, Environmental Communication, Wuhan University, China, Prof K Kuperan Viswanathan UUM, Malaysia, Dr Samina Khalil, Member Economic Advisory Council of the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Environmental Pollution Control Policy, Ammara Durrani, UNDP Representative, Farzana Altaf Shah, Director General Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (PEPA), Ashiq Ahmad Khan, Ammar Jafari Chairman Digital Pakistan, Dr Hayu Prabowo, Director Research Center, Dr Nirosha Hewa wellalage, University of Waikato New Zealand and Zhu Yuxuan, Vice Director Ecological Culture Development Center, China addressing online.

Prof Dr Rubina Bhatti, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, renewed the pledge on behalf of the faculty and students that the activities at the academia level regarding the environment will be increased so that the university experts can face this most important challenge. The focal person of the conference, Chairman of the Department of Economics, Dr Abid Rasheed Gul, thanked the Vice Chancellor for his special support and patronage in organizing the conference. He thanked the participation of Governor Punjab and Chancellor, Chairman Higher Education Commission Punjab, Secretary Higher Education Department and other experts.

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