Habib University holds Mohsineen Iftar 2023


Tariq Rafi, a member of Habib University‘s Board of Directors, hosted the annual Habib University Mohsineen Iftar 2023. The event was part of the Al-Ihsan campaign, which aimed to express gratitude to the University’s Mohsineen (donors and supporters) for their continued support and generosity towards the institution. The event brought together civic leaders, philanthropists, and community stalwarts in an intimate gathering to celebrate the occasion.

As the clock wound down to iftar time, the guests used the opportunity to mingle and exchange pleasantries. Following iftar, Bashir Ali Mohammad, Chairman of Gul Ahmed Textiles and Chair of RDC, Habib University Foundation, welcomed all the attendees and encouraged them to support higher education in Pakistan, especially Habib University. He also praised Habib University’s commitment to providing scholarships to over 85% of its deserving students, considering that only 1% of university-going youth typically gain access to quality higher education.

Later, President Wasif Rizvi shared a short presentation that emphasized the commonalities between different faiths and highlighted the long tradition of universities funded through the generosity of individuals. Mr. Rizvi expressed that Habib University’s primary aim was providing a long-term solution to the endemic issue of access to higher education for the youth of Pakistan. He also stressed the importance of empathy and community building in the nation’s success.

The Mohsineen of Habib University also shared their reasons for supporting the institution, emphasizing the importance of removing financial obstacles to gaining quality and purposeful education, allowing children to achieve much more for themselves and the country of Pakistan.

Finally, Tariq Rafi expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Mohsineen and supporters of Habib University, acknowledging the significant impact they have already made in the lives of hundreds of students by providing access to world-class education in Pakistan’s largest city. The event was a successful celebration of the institution’s Mohsineen and their continued support towards higher education in Pakistan.

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