Hashoo Group and LUMS Partner to Boost Learning Initiatives

Hashoo Group and LUMS Partner to Boost Learning Initiatives

Hashoo Group and LUMS

In a significant move to foster academic-industry collaboration, Hashoo Group has formalized a partnership with the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). The agreement aims to support a range of learning and development initiatives, encompassing research projects, employee enrolment in graduate and executive training programs, as well as student internships and recruitment opportunities.

The delegation from Hashoo Group included Mr Bastien Blanc, CEO of PC Hotels and Resorts; Mr Ali Ibrahim, Vice President of Marketing and Communications; and Ms Lubna Qamar, Vice President of People Strategies. Representing LUMS were Dr Fazal Jawad Seyyed, Dean of the Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB); Dr Bushra Naqvi, Associate Dean of Academics at SDSB; Dr Muhammad Adeel Zaffar, Associate Dean of External Relations at SDSB; and Ms Nuzhat Kamran, Director of the Office of Advancement.

This collaboration marks a shared commitment to innovation and growth, aiming to bridge the gap between academia and industry. By working together, Hashoo Group and LUMS plan to develop strategic leaders who can drive significant industry impact.

Mr Bastien Blanc highlighted the importance of this partnership, stating, “We are excited to join hands with LUMS, a leading institution known for its academic excellence and innovative approaches. This collaboration is a step towards creating a synergy that benefits both our employees and the students at LUMS.”

Dr Fazal Jawad Seyyed echoed this sentiment, saying, “Partnering with Hashoo Group aligns with our vision of integrating academic knowledge with real-world business practices. This will not only enhance the learning experience of our students but also contribute to the professional development of Hashoo Group’s employees.”

The agreement encompasses a variety of initiatives aimed at mutual growth and development. Research projects will allow for the exploration of new business strategies and innovative solutions. Graduate and executive training programmes will enable Hashoo Group employees to gain advanced knowledge and skills, while student internships and recruitment opportunities will provide LUMS students with valuable industry experience.

This partnership is expected to pave the way for a future where academia and industry collaborate closely to produce leaders capable of addressing complex business challenges and driving forward the industry’s evolution.

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