HEC Chairman Assures Continuation of University Grants in Sindh


Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan, provided an in-depth overview of the ongoing financial support for universities in Sindh. Addressing concerns surrounding the continuation of grants, Dr. Ahmed assured stakeholders that funding for educational institutions in Sindh would persist beyond the speculated deadline of June 1.

Dr. Ahmed delved into the historical context of the proposed suspension of grants to provincial universities, revealing its emergence during the tenure of former federal education secretary Waseem Ajmal. However, he clarified that this proposal remained in its initial stages and did not progress further.

Highlighting the regulatory framework governing such decisions, Dr. Ahmed emphasized the essential role of the Council of Common Interests in approving any potential cessation of grants to provincial universities. He reiterated the HEC’s staunch opposition to such a proposal, asserting that halting funding without proper authorization would violate established protocols.

Commending the proactive measures taken by the provincial government, Dr. Ahmed acknowledged a significant increase in the allocation of grants to universities in Sindh. He disclosed that reports indicated a substantial rise from the existing Rs. 26 billion to Rs. 40 billion, demonstrating a tangible commitment to strengthening higher education in the region.

Expressing optimism about the expected surge in funding, Dr. Ahmed anticipated a positive impact on the financial stability of universities. With the projected increase in grants, he envisioned the alleviation of financial challenges facing educational institutions and a subsequent enhancement of the academic landscape in Sindh.

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